Yadvi The Dignified Princess Box Office Collection 2nd Day Worldwide Earning


Yadvi The Dignified Princess Box Office Collection 2nd day saturday Total Worldwide Earning: – Yadvi – The Dignified Princess is an upcoming Indian Historical movie based on a true story which is going to release on 25th August 2017 over the globe. This amazing movie has already won numerous awards which one can’t even imagine about in almost all the categories, it’s pity that most people even don’t know about it, but it’s also a proud moment to know that an Indian movie is being appreciated by the whole world, our culture and history is loved by everyone. To get to know more details regarding Yadvi The Dignified Princess Box Office Collection Day Wise Total Worldwide Earning Report, stay connected to us buddy.

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Yadvi The Dignified Princess Box Office Collection
Yadvi The Dignified Princess Box Office Collection

Yadvi The Dignified Princess Box Office Collection

Yadvi – The Dignified Princess casts Chandrachur Singh, Charu Vyas, Rahul Godara, Jyoti Singh, Vibhu Raghave, Namya Saxena, Nikkitasha Marwaha, Reshaa Sabarawal, Mini Pandit, and Ashwarya Singh. This movie is directed and produced by Jyoti Singh under the banner of RVP Productions. Yadvi is an English Movie which is going to be released in Engish and Hindi both the languages. The below collections are predictable by experts, real firgure update soon.

Yadvi 1st Day Box Office Collection (Friday): 2 Crores

Yadvi 2nd Day Box Office Collection (Saturday): 2.5 Crores

Yadvi 3rd Day Box Office Collection (Sunday): 3.4 Crores

Yadvi Total Box Office Collection (Opening Weekend): 7.9 Crores

Yadvi Movie Reviews & Ratings

Yadvi – The Dignified Princess is an amazingly beautiful historical movie which is gonna win your heart. This movie is inspired by a true story of an Indian princess, who grew up in one of the richest families in the world at the time of 1940’s which was a very big thing. But after marriage her life changed altogether when her king married some other woman and then she lost her everything, she left that all rich places with her daughters and raised them herself. At that time, when the woman was not allowed to even raise voice, or do anything of their own, she worked very hard and raised her daughters and provided them everything which they deserved. She was the one who never did any of the household chores, but she was made to collect food for herself, do her chores and everything a common man has to do for their survival, you can understand how tough that would be for her, but still she did it and never lose her temper, she was very passionate and calm. She was definitely one of her kind.

Yes, this is a story of a beautiful princess which is still unspoken. This story touched my heart. It spreads a message that your time may come or go, situations never remain same, so one must be prepared for that all whatever comes in their way to conquer the world and live up to their dreams, never lose hope and just do your duty, rather, don’t consider it your duty but make it your desire and be passionate in whatever you do, you will surely get the success. Situations may turn worse, but one mustn’t lose hope and temper, but just figure out a way to be able to survive and come of those situations without much harm, that’s what makes us unique and successful, even the gold have to burn before turning into a beautiful design, then, we are just human beings.

So, I would like to rate this movie a 4/5 for its amazing story, beautiful content, great direction, nice star cast and all the hard work, the whole cast and crew put in to make it a successful dream. Hope you all enjoy it this weekend. For more updates, like, share and comment and share your views…


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