X Men : Apocalypse Box Office Predictions, Release date, Trailer, Worldwide earning

This 27th of May, gear up to witness the complete and final destruction of the world by the first ever mutant. We are not talking insane, we are talking about the next flick of the X-men series. We are talking about the “X-Men: Apocalypse” which is ready to hit the theaters worldwide on 27th of May 2016. The producers seem to have done everything to make the movie different from all the previous X-Men series movie; be it the plot, or the script or even the cast!!! Here you get the X Men : Apocalypse box office predictions from overseas.

X Men : Apocalypse Box Office Predictions & Expectation

The teaser starts with the young Dr. Jean watching a dream of the world’s end who is pacified by the young professor Charles Xavier that it was just a dream. Then they get the evidence from the old scripts that the first ever mutant existed in the world and was worshiped as a GOD due to his extraordinary powers. This god believes that all the mutants had been following a wrong leader ( Xavier or Magneto) and that is why could not grow. So he challenges both Magneto and Xavier to announce himself as the leader of the mutants. so the opening weekend X Men : Apocalypse box office expectations will be crossed Avengers records.

X Men : Apocalypse Movie release date & official trailer

The action scenes of the movie are breathtaking and magnificent. The movie X-Men:Apocalypse marks the comeback of various X-Men stars from the previous movies. The movie also features Jenifer Lawrence as Mystique/Raven and the young Summers-Scott. But the presence of Wolverine has not seen anywhere in the trailer (May he was busy with some other bigger flick!!). Only Captain America : civil War can get the tough competition to this movie at the box office.


Being an X-Men franchise movie, there is no doubt in its huge launch and promotion. People are curious and had been eagerly waiting for some new mutant stuff since X-Men: Days of future past. The hopes and expectations are high and the summertime is the time to grab the whole lot of audience. So it will not be wrong to say that the movie will be a blockbuster ad will set new records. We hope that X Men : Apocalypse box office predicts will be record breaking at the box office.