Tamil Vaaimai box office collection total overseas business gross earning day wise

Director Senthil Kumar tried to revive the magic of classical hit movie “Twelve angry men” with his latest Tamil flick “Vaaimai“. Here you get Vaaimai box office collection day wise report. Vaaimai hit the theaters on 9th of September 2016. Vaaimai is a masala action movie adapted from the hit Hollywood movie “Twelve Angry Men”. The movie is based on a trial of a murderer according to Jury-System, which was discontinued in India long time back (especially after Kawas Nanavati case”). Check Vaaimai movie collection.

Vaaimai box office collection report

The story revolves around a man and his mother who have killed a politician and are under trial. The judge calls for a jury system comprising of 12 people from different walks of life. The movie is more relevant to the countries where people get to see the jury system. It is very difficult for Indians to feel connected with such unrealistic scenarios. On the top of it, the melodramatic dialogues, over-stuffed humor (that too of Goundamani) and extra masala make it difficult to digest the complete movie. Vaaimai 1st day collection is very low.

Week : 1
Total collections in Chennai : Rs. 17,17,340
Chennai city verdict: Below Average Opening

No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend): 48
Collection in Chennai (Weekend): Rs. 11,63,085

Tamil Vaaimai overseas collection day wise

Generally, all the sequels or adaptations do not match the standard of the original movie. It is exactly the same case with the movie Vaaimai. Fans of “Twelve Angry Men” will be highly disappointed with this Tamil version of their favorite blockbuster movie. The average audience rating of the movie is 3 out of 5 and the film critic ratings are not even available!! So you have to watch this movie at your own risk.