Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collection 31st Day Total 30th Day Worldwide TZH 31 Days Earning


(TZH) Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collection 31st Day 30th Day Total 5th Suday Worldwide Earning:- There’s a great news for Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s fans, as they are back. Don’t be surprised my friend, they are starring together in their upcoming Movie, Tiger Zinda Hai, which is the Ek Tha Tiger Sequel movie. Tiger Zinda Hai movie is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar who is well known for great movies. Salman Khan comes again on screen as Tiger and Katrina Kaif as Zoya From 22nd December 2017 into the theaters. This time Tiger Zinda Hai movie already started to break the record. Tiger Zinda Hai movie trailer breaks a record of most liked video on youtube in the world. Well, you can check out Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collection and we will also be providing you with Tiger Zinda Hai thirty-first day and Thirtieth day worldwide box office collections earnings also. Also get Tiger Zinda Hai Movie reviews, ratings, and audience response.

Latest Update: Tiger Zinda Hai remains ROCK-STEADY… Biz expected to escalate on Sat and Sun… [Week 5] Fri 78 lakhs. Total: ₹ 330.53 cr. India biz.

takes a HUMONGOUS START in UAE-GCC… Thu $ 950,000+ [₹ 6.08 cr]… Since the film is banned in Kuwait, the loss is approx $ 200,000.

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Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collection

Tiger Zinda Hai movie is the most awaited film of the 2017 year. After getting the huge success of Ek Tha Tiger, this is the sequel was decided by Salman Khan and the director of the movie. This time Salman Khan comes with a unique story and thriller action in the film. The reaction of the movie trailer is the proof of the that Tiger Zinda Hai Box office collection will surely get huge at the box office. Check Tiger Zinda Hai Day 31 Collection report. Also Get Tiger Zinda Hai Day wise worldwide total collection business report.

Tiger Zinda Hai 1st day collection (Friday): 34.10 Cr

Tiger Zinda Hai 2nd day collection (Saturday): 35.30 Cr

Tiger Zinda Hai 3rd day collection (Sunday): 45.53 Cr

Tiger Zinda Hai 4th day collection (Monday): 36.54 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 5th day collection (Tuesday): 21.60 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 6th day collection (Wednesday): 17.55 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 7th day collection (Thursday): 15.42 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 8th day collection (2nd Friday): 11.56 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 9th day collection (2nd Saturday): 14.92 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 10th day collection (2nd Sunday): 22.23 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 11th day collection (2nd Monday): 18.04 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 12th day collection (2nd Tuesday): 7.83 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 13th day collection (2nd Wednesday): 5.84 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 14th day collection (2nd Thursday): 5.26 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 15th day collection (3rd Friday): 3.72 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 16th day collection (3rd Saturday): 5.62 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 17th day collection (3rd Sunday): 8.27 Cr 


Tiger Zinda Hai 18th day collection (3rd Monday): 2.72 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 19th day collection (3rd Tuesday): 2.56 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 20th day collection (3rd Wednesday): 2.30 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 21st day collection (3rd Thursday): 2.12 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 22nd day collection (4th Friday): 1.46 Cr

Tiger Zinda Hai 23rd day collection (4th Saturday): 1.32 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 24th day collection (4th Sunday): 3.27 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 25th day collection (4th Monday): 1.36 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 26th day collection (4th Tuesday): 1.02 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 27th day collection (4th Wednesday): 88 L

Tiger Zinda Hai 28th day collection (4th Thursday): 72 L 

Tiger Zinda Hai 29th day collection (5th Friday): 78 L

Tiger Zinda Hai 30th day collection (5th Saturday): 1 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai 31th day collection (5th Sunday): 1.01 Cr 

Tiger Zinda Hai total 31 days box office earning (Fifth Week): 333.26 Cr Expected

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Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collection 1st Day Opening Friday Prediction Worldwide Earning

Total Tiger Zinda Hai Thirty-One Day 5th Sunday Overseas Income

Salman Khan is the name only to attract the audience to the theaters. Salman Khan is a most promising actor in the recent years. Salman khan Continuing giving a big hit at the box office. Tiger Zinda Hai Advance booking online tickets collection is also superb. It is more than as expected. Tiger Zinda Hai movie screen counts are around 5500+ worldwide. Tiger Zinda Hai budget of the film is around 150 Cr. Get here the Today Tiger Zinda Hai Kamai report & Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collection.

Tiget Zinda Hai 31 Days WW gross earning: 540.17 Cr Expected

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Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Reviews, Ratings & Audience Response

Tiger Zinda Hai is the sequel of the blockbuster movie Ek Tha Tiger, in which Salman Khan played the role of Tiger and Katrina Kaif played the role of Zoya, both were secret agents of India and Pakistan respectively, fighting against terrorism. Well, this time, as per to believe the sources, both the countries are gonna unite to fight just one evil, that is, none other than Terrorism and both the agents will reunite to achieve their aim, and that is, successfulness of their mission. Here, we will provide you with Tiger Zinda Hai Worldwide Earning Report and will keep you updated with news of this beautiful action romantic flick.

Ek Tha Tiger was a very cute and romantic movie, which definitely won the hearts of people worldwide. It earned a huge appreciation and liked by a lot of people. Well, most people consider the reason behind its success is the fan following of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif and definitely their chemistry also, but Never ever avoid the great work done by the other staff of the movie, its director, music, singers, etc. So people are expecting the same from this one also, that is, Tiger Zinda Hai box office collection.

Its trailer seems promising, but I can’t provide ratings on the basis of it only, will definitely provide you as early as possible when we see the movie. Eagerly waiting for its release to watch a movie. Well, do keep in touch to get more updates regarding Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collections Prediction Income Report. Stay tuned for more upcoming movies overseas earning report.