Thor Ragnarok Box office collection 20th Day 21st Day Total 21 Days Worldwide Earning

Thor Ragnarok Box office collection 20th day 21st day Total Worldwide Earning report: Thor Ragnarok is the upcoming action fantasy movie which is going to be released on 3rd November 2017 over the globe and people are going crazy for it. We all know that Thor Ragnarok is the third movie in the Thor series and is a part of Avenger series also. This movie involves Thor, Hulk, and Doctor Strange from the Marvel team and people just wanna see these all together fighting together against the enemy. This time, Loki is gonna be helping Thor in the final fight, but as usual, he’s gonna take revenge from him also in the beginning only. Well, we are going to be providing you with Thor Ragnarok box office collection. We are also gonna provide you Thor Ragnarok Twentieth-day and Twenty-First day total box office collections here only. So stay connected to us for more updates and day wise collections of this movie over the globe.

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Latest Update

Day 1UK ($15.8M), Korea ($15.5M), Australia ($8.4M), Brazil ($8.3M)  and France ($7.4M).

Thor Ragnarok box office collection

Thor Ragnarok is the biggest movie of the Marvel and Hollywood of this year 2017. Thor Ragnarok budget is $180 Million. Thor Ragnarok movie screen counts are around 5000+. Check here Thor Ragnarok Day 21 worldwide collection. Here we have Thor Ragnarok day wise collection. We are showing Thor Ragnarok India BOC here.

Thor Ragnarok 1st day collection (Friday): 7.73 Cr

Thor Ragnarok 2nd Day Collection (Saturday): 9.30 Cr

Thor Ragnarok 3rd Day Collection (Sunday): 10.46 Cr

Thor Ragnarok 4th Day Collection (Monday): 4.10 Cr

Thor Ragnarok 5th Day Collection (Tuesday): 3.60 Cr

Thor Ragnarok 6th Day Collection (Wednesday): 3.10 Cr

Thor Ragnarok 7th Day Collection (Thursday): 2.54 Cr

Thor Ragnarok 8th Day Collection (2nd Friday): 2.14 Cr

Thor Ragnarok 9th Day Collection (2nd Saturday): 3.62 Cr

Thor Ragnarok 10th Day Collection (2nd Sunday): 4.25 Cr

Thor Ragnarok 11th Day Collection (2nd Monday): 2.10 Cr

Thor Ragnarok 12th Day Collection (2nd Tuesday): 1.50 Cr

Thor Ragnarok 13th Day Collection (2nd Wednesday): 1.25 Cr

Thor Ragnarok 14th Day Collection (2nd Thursday): 1 Cr

Thor Ragnarok 15th Day Collection (3rd Friday): 90 Lakhs

Thor Ragnarok 16th Day Collection (3rd Saturday): 70 Lakhs

Thor Ragnarok 17th Day Collection (3rd Sunday): 60 Lakhs

Thor Ragnarok 18th Day Collection (3rd Monday): 35 Lakhs

Thor Ragnarok 19th Day Collection (3rd Tuesday): 30 Lakhs

Thor Ragnarok total 18 days box office collection (Third Week): 58.66 Cr

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Thor Ragnarok Twentieth-First Day 21 Thursday Overseas gross Income

Thor Ragnarok Movie review: Thor Ragnarok is an amazingly cool upcoming action superhero movie which is a part of Marvels. I gotta say, Marvel does bring new and fantastic superheroes which we can never ever imagine in our wildest of dreams. This time, Thor is gonna lose his mighty hammer and feel powerless as he thinks that he is no more God of Thunder and due to many lost battles, he will get captured and even tortured also.

Total Thor Ragnarok 21 days WW Gross Earning: $670.02 Million

But on the way of his torture, he will meet The Incredible Hulk and tell him all the tales that he lost Asgard and some witchy and powerful Goddess of Death has destroyed everything and her aim is to end this universe and rule over it, so their aim is to create a good team and fight for her to win this universe back. On his way, he meets various heroes like Hulk, Doctor Strange, and even his brother is with him helping to save the world, so the movie’s kinda filled with some fun moments also.

Thor Ragnarok Box office collection 1st day Total Opening Friday Worldwide Earning

Thor Ragnarok movie ratings: Since I’m a great action movies fan, I would like to give this one a 3.5/5 rating for its star cast, storyline, action sequences, direction and even for the sceneries also. I wish all the very best to the whole cast and crew of this movie and hope this one break all the box office collection records from the day 1 only.

If you’re a superhero movie fan, then I would say, this is a must watch a movie and you must have an action-oriented and fun-filled weekend. Do like, share, comment below and share your views on Thor Ragnarok Box Office Collection with us.