Thodari 7th day box office collection total 7 days worldwide 1st Wednesday earning

Thodari is a very interesting movie of Dhanush released last Friday. Despite this movie has failed to take well box office.  1st half: the train is engaged for the first 45 minutes of the departure with some humor elements and tidbits, the source of comedy scene makes you put your sit in the seats controlling your instinct to go for a tea break before the intermission so travels with a decent journey till the intermission. Here you will get Thodari 7th day collection report day wise.

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2nd half :the train tries(only tries) to catch up the heat of the audience with the experimental train storyline but the romance between the uplifting screenplay stand as the spoiler of the whole movie. The main spoiler of the movie was the bullshit romance at the climax sequences of the movie.

Thodari 7th day box office collection 7 days income

Thodari is the one-time watchable movie with a great script. The idea of this movie is very interesting but director failed to get this on a right way.

Thodari total box office collection: 6.21 Cr

Thodari 7th day collection: 1.10 Cr

There are some plus and minus point of Thodari Film.

-may be the humor contents of thumb ramayah
-the way director portrayed the media
-the portrayal of the politician’s nature
-the characterization of the artists
-Dhanush acting

-the spoiler romance at the racy climax situation
-cast in kee thy Suresh, maybe
-worst CG works
-totally unlogical stunts and scenes in the 2nd pace
-the placement of #ponausuru song at that situation
Verdict- the train took a wrong route and ended in a disastrous stop. Dhanush took a wrong train. Watchable once. Decent entertainment definitely would be a mood changer. For more updates on Thodari box office collection please stay tuned with 123Bocindia.