The Shallows movie review, rating & response on Twitter by audience

I confess. I have a soft spot for suspenseful movies where a person or a small group of people are trapped in this ONE situation, this ONE location where they can’t get out. Like the movie ruins, and green room. Now you know my taste. Check The Shallows movie review from here.

The Shallows is a cool cheesy movie. I was looking forward to this movie because lately, all movies we saw about sharks were b-grade direct to video crap like Sharknado 17. Sharks are mean motherfuckers. We don’t get good shark movies anymore. So yeah, I was super hyped for this movie.

The Shallows is a [127 hours + jaws] survival thriller starring Blake Lively, a mean ass Shark, and a Seagull.. really 😀 :D. 

The Shallows movie review by audience

The film’s premise is a simple one. Blake Lively goes surfing in this secret beach in Mexico and she gets attacked by a great white shark and now shes trapped in a rock island about the size of a bed and the beach is just 200 yards away but between her and the beach, there’s a great white shark circling her rock and waiting for her to make a move. It’s a decent movie. A simple story and man. Blake Lively is amazing. She does a great job in this movie. and the other characters too. Especially the shark. And Steven seagull was good too. The seagull seriously impresses us in a supporting role and even gets named in the credits.

The Shallows movie rating by critics

Shallows do a great job at building the tension. You know she cants step into the water. You see the shark is out there. You know its coming. It’s a perfectly fun slow-burn thriller.

When building the tension in the beginning of the movie it drags the movie for a few minutes before the shark attack but I think that dragging is neglectable. After that, the movie begins to slowly entertain you. Its a must watch if you like slow burn survival thrillers. It will entertain you. Shallows are the best decent shark movie after Deep Blue Sea.