‘The Jungle Book’ 6th Week collection: total worldwide box office gross earning

Neel Sethi has done remarkable acting in The Jungle Book movie of Hollywood. This movie set the new benchmarks of the box office collection History. The Jungle Book total collection in India at the box office is now 179.57 Cr in its 6th week after released. Total The Jungle Book gross earning is 249.11 Cr, India Biz. It is a massive success of any Hollywood movie in India box office. ‘The Jungle Book‘ Hits $828M, ‘Mother’s Day’ Crumbles Again. This shows that how a movie makes remarkable history in the world. After releasing Captain America Civil war in India, The Jungle Book box office business is still going strongly in a domestic region of Indian theaters. Average, the movie is collecting 2.12 Cr daily at the box office. Here we are sharing The Jungle Book 6th week collection overall in India.

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The Jungle Book 6th week collection net gross earning

The Jungle book 6th week collection is 2.12 Cr approx. We are expecting that The Jungle book 7th week collection would be double of the 6th and 5th week income.

The Jungle Book 6 week Jungle Book earning
Day 1 (Friday) 59 lacs
Day 2 (Saturday) 90 lacs
Day 3 (Sunday) 1.11 Cr
The Jungle Book India Total Collections 179.57 crore

Here we have the @123bocIndia table that shows the day wise net gross earning of the movie at the box office. Here you can get The Jungle Book day wise earning overseas.

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Jungle Book 39th day collection in India

Jungle Book movie of Mowgli is going very well and created a history of the Indian Box office. The Movie got amazing success in India and overseas. The movie is in animation where Neel Sethi aka Mowgli in the movie become most popular child actor after doing this movie. He has done a great job in the Jungle Book movie. Noe Jungle Book 6th Monday income is 1 Cr (it is expected from the box office experts).

We hope that 7th & 8th week of Mowgli movie will also get some good income of the box office. The Jungle Book 6th week collection also created a history in the Indian cinema.