The Jungle Book 20 Days (3 Weeks) Total Box Office Collection Report

The Most promising movie of 2016 which is collecting the highest gross income throughout the world “The Jungle book” is keep earning the Box Office Business from India as well. The 3D Drama of Jungle Boy hits the hearts of viewers and therefore earning a great income. The movie has controlled the collection of other movies in India too like Fan and Theri. The Jungle Book has collected a total of Rs 144.89 crore in India on Monday 25th April 2016.

The Blockbuster Movie “The Jungle Book” is in its 4th week and expecting to earn an overall business of 200 crore total in 4 weeks. This week one more movie “Baaghi” is also going to release in India which is expecting a high grossing movie for Bollywood. So Let see what happens with The Jungle Book and Baaghi 2016.

20 Days Total Collection Report of The Jungle book in India


Everything below in INR (Indian Rupee)

1st day (8 April|Fri) – 10.09 cr

2nd day (9 April|Sat) – 13.51 cr

3rd day (10 April|sun) – 16.87 cr

4th day (11 April|Mon) – 7.60 cr

5th day (12 April|Tue) – 7.07 cr

6th day (13 April|2nd Wed) – 7.97 cr

7th day (14 April|2nd Thu) – 10.97 cr

8th day (15 April|2nd Fri) – 8.02 cr

9th day (16 April|2nd Sat) – 8.51 cr

10th day (17 April|2nd Sun) – 10.67 cr

11th day (18 April|2nd Mon) – 5.09 cr

12th day (19 April|2nd tue) – 6.37 cr

13th day (20 April|3rd Wed) – 5.02 cr

14th day (21 April|3rd Thu) – 4.01 cr

15th day (22 April|3rd Fri) – 3.58 cr

16th day (23 April|3rd sat) – 6.65  cr

17th day (24 April|3rd sun) – 8.69 cr

18th day (25 April|3rd mon) – 2.92 cr

19th day (26 April|3rd tue) –


That’s called a perfect Box Office Report for the director. However, it is just the Indian Business of the movie. Think about the overall business of The Jungle Book! How much money has it collected from worldwide screens and countries? It’s lot more than our expectation.

The Worldwide collection of The Jungle Book is $908.5M in US dollars until 25th April, after converting it to Indian Rupee it becomes 60469260325.00 Indian Rupee. In short it means Rs 6,046.93 Crore in INR. (the news updated on

It’s more than the expectations but see it’s still earning daily good money, and it will make more than it in next few weeks. We will update you about the total collection just bookmark us if you liked it and shared it on your social media accounts.