The House Next Door Box Office Collection 9th Day 10th Day Total Earning

The House Next Door box office collection 9th day 10th day total earning report: The House Next Door is an upcoming Bollywood hindi horror thriller movie which is going to be released on 10th November 2017 over the globe. This movie is releasing in Telugu and Tamil language also as Gruham and Aval. It is a very spine-chilling thriller movie which is gonna give your goosebumps. This movie shows us the battle of educated people who believe that everything is science and still amazes to see something out of their knowledge and refuses to believe in the supernatural world. So its a fight of a person for defining or redefining his believes like whether he is right or there is really something known as the supernatural world. So here we are going to provide you with The House Next Door box office collection. We are also gonna provide you The House Next Door ninth day and tenth  day total day wise box office collections. So keep visiting us to get latest info and updates regarding this horror flick.

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The House Next Door box office collection

The House Next Door is a full package of Horror drama film. The trailer of The House Next Door movie is very interesting and it is expected that this movie has potential attract audience into the theaters. The House Next Door screen counts is around 2000 Approx worldwide. The House Next Door advance online tickets booking collection is average. Get The House Next Door DAY 10 Collection kamai report. Here we have The House Next Door day wise earning business BOC data.

The House Next Door 1st day collection (Friday): 1 Cr

The House Next Door 2nd day collection (Saturday): 1.01 Cr

The House Next Door 3rd day collection (Sunday): 1.05 Cr

The House Next Door 4th day collection (Monday): 90 lakhs

The House Next Door 5th day collection (Tuesday): 70 lakhs

The House Next Door 6th day collection (Wednesday): 50 lakhs

The House Next Door 7th day collection (Thursday): 35 lakhs

The House Next Door total 10 days box office collection (first week): 5 Cr Expected

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Telugu Gruham Box office collection

This horror film is also releasing in the Telugu language. Gruham is the Telugu title of the movie. It is expected that Gruham collection is good at BOC. Gruham movie is releasing worldwide so the expectations are high from this horror movie.

Tamil Aval Box office collection

Aval is the Tamil language titled in The House Next Door film. Siddharth in the lead role and have done many movies in Tamil languages, so it is expected that Aval movie earning is good in the Tamil language.

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The House Next Door Ninth Day Wednesday Gross Income

The House Next Door movie review: The House Next Door is an amazing Bollywood upcoming thriller horror movie which is gonna give chills down your spine. The movie revolves around the belief of finding the truth and fighting with ourselves regarding whatever we know or believe is a truth, or whether the whole world is right and we are wrong. It’s the fight for searching the truth and accepting the facts and beliefs.

Total The House Next Door DAY 10 Eaning: 20 lakhs

The movie revolves around a lady who lives in a kinda haunted house with her daughter and asks for help from the couple living next door. In this movie Siddharth is playing the role of a neurosurgeon who doesn’t believe in possession and exorcism and thinks that whatever happening with the lady next door are just the hallucinations she is experiencing due to some brain disease, he even operates on her but returns empty-handed. Then he himself experience some crazy shit happening to himself, his wife and that young daughter and he actually sees all the possession acts like flying in the air, breaking bones, etc. And kinda search for truth and a cure for this all.

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The House Next Door movie rating: I, myself don’t believe in such things as science don’t support that all, and I believe that it all is science, but sometimes, we feel like yeah, some energy is with us, I don’t know whether it’s evil or good, but we don’t feel like we are alone, so I think there are good and bad energies, but that all is just our belief maybe, who knows.

Since I liked the concept of this movie, I would like to give this one 3/5 rating for good content, great horror effects, direction, star cast, music, sceneries and all. I give my best wishes to the whole cast and crew of this movie and hope that you all go out and enjoy this one only if you like horror thrillers. Do like, share, comment below and share your views on The House Next Door box office collection with us…