Tera Intezaar Box Office Collection 3rd Day 4th Day Total 4 Days Earning Report

Tera Intezaar Box Office Collection 3rd Day 4th Day Total Monday Earning Report:  Tera Intezaar is a 2017 Bollywood movie of the musical romantic genre, directed by Raajeev Walia. It is produced by Aman Mehta and Bijal Mehta. The film stars Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone in lead roles. The film will be shot in Mumbai. Some parts of the film will also be shot in Kutch as well as in international locations such as Mauritius. The movie is under the banned of Baghshree Production. The movie releases on 1st December 2017 with Kapil Sharma Firangi movie. So it is tough competition for the Tera Intezaar movie. Hope that Tera Intezaar Box Office Collection will earn above average at the box office. Also check Tera Intezaar Third day and Fourth day Collection daily analysis report. Get also Tera Intezaar movie reviews, ratings, and audience response.

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Tera Intezaar Box Office Collection 1st Day Total Opening Friday Earning Report

Tera Intezaar Box Office Collection

Tera Intezaar movie is romantic musical drama movie. Tera Intezaar budget is around 15 Cr approx. Tera Intezaar movie screen counts are around 1150 worldwide. Get the Tera Intezaar DAY 4 kamai of the movie on daily basis. Also, check Tera Intezaar day wise box office collection in the following table.

Tera Intezaar 1st Day collection (Friday): 60 Lakhs

Tera Intezaar 2nd Day collection (Saturday): 50 Lakhs

Tera Intezaar 3rd Day collection (Sunday): 70 Lakhs

Tera Intezaar 4th Day collection (Sunday): 65 Lakhs

Tera Intezaar 5th Day collection (Sunday): 50 Lakhs

Tera Intezaar Total 4 days box office collection (First Week): 2.80 Cr Expected

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Tera Intezaar Fourth Day Monday Overseas Income

Tera Intezar’ starring Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan is a predominantly classical-inspired music album composed by Raaj Aashoo with lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed. The title song Intezaar is a slow romantic track. Shreya Ghoshal’s melodious voice and her sheer skill tries to lift this otherwise average number. The chorus has an alaap and additional vocals are by Shabab Shabri, Arun Daga. But his beautiful song also fails to get the audience into the theaters. Let’s check Tera Intezaar Box office collection.

Total Tera Intezaar 4 Days Worldwide Collection: 2.50 Cr Expected

Tera Intezaar movie reviews, rating, and audience response

Tera Intezaar Story review: ‘Tera Intezaar’ is a story of Veer (Arbaaz Khan) for whom painting is passion. Veer paints his dream girl and one fine day meets her personally in the form of Rounak (Sunny Leone). Veer and Rounak fall in love with each other. Rounak being an owner of an art gallery wants to promote Veer’s painting. Thus she strikes a deal with few of her best clients (Arya Babber, Salil Ankola and others). Rounak’s client wants to see Veer’s work for which he objects. This leads to something unexpected followed by a supernatural track. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technical Details: The story starts with supernatural mysteries related to paintings of Arbaaz Khan and does manage to hold your interest for a while. This is the only track which works in the flavor of the film and that too only due to curiosity level. The first half is full of repetitive scenes of Sunny running from one end to another followed by loads of logistical errors. There are random screen jumps in the film with sudden insertion of another scene. The tracks are stretched to the fullest and that too with mediocre performance. The priceless painting of Arbaaz are shown as print outs of sceneries for which everyone keeps praising to the infinity.

The portrait paintings are direct printouts from Prisma App. All the scenes are presented in a bookish manner. Sunny Leone is an owner of art emporium who keeps performing item songs in her parties. The killings of villains are shown in total trashy and television serial manner. The lovemaking scenes look funny as Arbaaz Khan looks super scared and expressionless. Sunny on the other end looks aging and lacks her sex appeal. The final track is the worst part of the film with a forced twist and pathetic ending. The cinematography is not up to the mark and at times look tacky.

Music: There are several songs in this movie, out of which only ‘Mehfooz’ is worthy. ‘Barbie Girl’ will cater only to Sunny’s loyal fans. Other songs were unwanted. Background music is loud and jarring at times.

Direction: Director Raajeev Walia presents this movie with some interesting twists but fails to do justice to its theme. The presentation is tacky and at times trashy. The love story, as well as drama, lacks the intensity.

Performances: Arbaaz Khan has a grand role in this movie but looks lost and fails to deliver. He is total bland in all the romantic scenes and shockingly the same in the dramatic ones. Sunny Leone looks pretty but all she does is this movie is to keep running and dancing. Arbaaz and Sunny’s chemistry is fake and bland. Arya Babbar fulfills the expectations of being super trashy. Salil Ankola, Hanif Noyda, and others fail in their part. Sudha Chandran is decent on her part.

Final Verdict: So on the overall basis ‘Tera Intezaar’ instead of being a supernatural thriller ends up being an aging melodrama between Sunny, Arbaaz, Arya and others.

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