Telugu movie Brahmana box office collection, reviews, ratings by audience

Kannada movie Shiva, has been dubbed as Brahmana in Telugu and is released on 8th of July 2016. Brahmana features Upendra who is playing the role of a Brahmin boy belonging to the family of reputed priests. Boy’s father happen to be a designated priest of an old and big temple. The boy does not find the daily practice of his family very useful or comfortable. The irony of his life is that he is forced to become a priest after the sudden death of his father. As the boy takes the charge of priest, is also attacked and just escapes the death!!

The movie Brahmana is given a rating of 3 out of 5 by the film critics. The film observed an average opening on the 1st day of opening. The movie does not have a great or new story to impress the audience. Rather the movie faced a few protests and blame of targeting a particular community. The movie has various weak points like the weak direction, slow pace and unnecessary involvement of the terrorists group. Brahmana failed to entertain the audience as on the first day. Friend Request released on the same day had pulled more crowd than Brahmana on day 1.