Tamil Jumbulingam 3D Movie Box office collection first week earning, reviews & ratings

Jumbulingam is a Tamil movie released on 13th may. After interesting movie of Tamil Kakka Muttai, Jumbulingam is another fantasy drama which belongs to a child in Tamil. Jumbulingam made only for children are very rare in Kollywood. The holidays of summer vacation is started now and Jumbulingam 3d movie is best to watch on this vacation. In this animated Jumbulingam movie does not have big stars cast. The whole cast is made up with temporary actors and actress. Some children are making debut in the Jumbulingam 3d movie. Jumbulingam 3d animated movie is directed and produce by Hari and Haresh. Hari and Haresh are not big directors in Kollywood industry. But they had done a great job for this movie and now they are getting good response overall. This is the very interesting movie in animation in Kollywood which has not been seen in a couple of years. Here we are sharing total Jumbulingam box office collection including their first weekend and 1st week.

Jumbulingam 3D movie details

Movie Name: Jumbulingam 3D
Tamil Name: ஜம்புலிங்கம் 3D
Cast: Gokulnath , Ashwin Raja,
Director: Harish Shankar-Harish Narayanan
Release Date: 13-May-2016

Tamil Jumbulingam 3D Movie Box office collection first week earning, reviews & ratings

Jumbulingam 3d Box office collection

Here we are updating you from the Jumbulingam 3d movie box office business in Kollywood. This movie is released on 1015 screen in a southern region of India. The movie does not the have big start that why it is facing low collection in the box office but the reviews of the movie are amazing and ratings are going well from the critics and audience. We are sharing expected box office report of Jumbulingam 3d movie in Tamil.

Jumbulingam 1st day collection: 3.23 Cr

Jumbulingam 2nd day earning: 2.52 Cr

Jumbulingam 3rd day income :4.12 Cr

Jumbulingam 1st weekend box office: 15 Cr

Jumbulingam total 1st-week collection: 26 Cr

Jumbulingam 3d movie reviews & ratings

The actors of the movie i.e Ambuli Gokulnath, Yog Japee, Anjana Kirti, and Baby Hansika have played the lead roles in Jumbulingam 3d movie.  This movie is about a young magician who wants to entertain everyone around him. But his magic becomes trouble for himself. He is one of a nice person and happily lived. But other people think that he is weird and different, but the some children love him and also love his magic. Jumbulingam 3d movie budget is very low. But this movie will become the high grossing Tamil movie. Overall performance is good of film team. 

Best Reasons To Watch Jumbulingam 3d Tamil movie

Here are the following five positive points to watch Jumbulingam movie in theaters.
1. This is a great movie for summer holidays.
2. This movie will give a new experience in animation.
3. Debut child actors have done brilliant acting in the movie
4. Hari and Haresh as directors come back again in Kollywood
5. Catchy Music of Jumbulingam movie.

Jumbulingam 3d movie official trailer