Sultan 25th day collection 4th Saturday total box office earning overseas income

Now sultan movie has their, Sultan 25th day collection. Sultan movie has achieved already a milestone achievement at the box office. Sultan 25 days collection are heading toward 300 Cr within 30 days at the domestic collection. According to me, Sultan is totally a mixed bag of emotions which changes from time to time. The narration is same as every other Bollywood movies have these days, nothing new. The narration could have been done better. Salman Khan did too many efforts for the role and the efforts did show up. Bollywood typically lacks in showing realism in action scenes but this movie portrayed the action scenes very well, particularly in the climatic sequences. Anushka Sharma has a very pivotal role in a Salman Khan movie, but again she boasts the same typical character as she did in her previous movies. Randeep Hooda is noteworthy and makes an impressive extended cameo, wished he had more to do. Amit Sadh played an interesting character which was performed well than written, it was good. Sultan box office collection is getting the amazing response around the world.

Sultan 25th day collection report

The movie’s biggest problem is with pacing, it is so lengthy of around 2hr 50 min maybe. It could have cut down fewer subplots and few songs, there were many. Music was average overall and had some good songs. The director had done a brilliant work, the climatic scenes were engaging and keep you hooked. He pieced the whole movie well. Here we are sharing some predictable Sultan total earning of 4th Friday at the box office.

Sultan 25th day collection: 1.36 Cr Expected

Sultan 25 days total earning domestic: 296 Cr

Total Sultan worldwide box office business till date/ day wise

Overall Sultan is a break from all regular movies to a movie that tries too hard to show what Hollywood had already shown multiple times that you should never give up, sportsperson never gives up, we only lose to yourself etc etc. There are some things highlighted and shown what a sportsman loses while he’s gaining success. There is nothing new and it does face the issue of portraying Sultan‘s rise and fall.

It is a good entertainer and the Best for the week but it is by no means without flaws and feels too unrealistic at times.