Sultan 23rd day collection | 4th thursday box office earning total income

Salman khan now becomes the highest earning of the India Cinema. Today is Sultan 23rd day collection. In top 5 movies of Indian Cinema who get highest ever box office collection, in which Salman khan have 3 movies in the top 5 list and Shahrukh-Aamir have one-one movie in top 5 highest grossing movie of the Indian cinema. I wish there were more non-depressing subtitled foreign films in my area to compete with some of Hollywood’s output. I love the shared humanity that shines through cultural differences. My local Carmike brings a consistent stream of Bollywood fare, like Sultan. This wrestling / MMA movie feels like a biopic but it is fiction. There are treatments of subjects of male ego, and feminism in its 2 hr 50 mins running time. The star, Salman Khan has got to be India’s biggest and most controversial movie star, like a cross between Tom Cruise and Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Here, he is physically impressive and pulls a deeper range of emotions and realism than I have seen from him before. Now get the Sultan worldwide box office collection report from here.

Sultan 23rd day collection total overseas earning

Our lead female, Anushka Sharma, plays a character who is not some stock ingénue. She is a wrestler in her own right who spends half the movie not speaking but acting through body posture, eye movement, and facial expression. It really is the first rate. I am a little less taken with director Ali Abbas Zafar. My first recent Bollywood film was his Gunday, which completely fried my mental movie loving circuits with its glorious beauty, headlong action, and utterly inconceivable moments of awfulness. Those stock Bollywood moments are here as well. The dances are shoehorned in.

The post-intermission seems stretched. There is a completely atrocious Benny Hill style sequence in the first half. But then the movie settles down and sticks to the message. It is like a Rocky 1, for Mixed Martial Arts. 

Sultan 23rd day collection: 2 Cr expected

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