Sultan 22nd day collection 3rd week total overseas box office earning Kamai

Sultan movie is getting huge collection at the box office. Sultan 22nd day collection is average and now this box office collection is going low day by day. The story of Sultan for those of you who made the wise decision of NOT to watch it. Sultan Ali Khan is a good for nothing manchild with a fake/irritating ‘Haryanvi‘ accent. He sees Arfa on the street and madly falls in love with her. Since Arfa would marry only a wrestler, Sultan decides to become one. He is ploughing the fields, racing the goods trains. Overnight he is a wrestling star. People chant ‘Sultan, Sultan’ for him. Sultan theme song plays in the background. Even wins the Olympics. They marry but get separated following Filmi complications. Sultan movie collection already made history at the box office. 

Sultan 22nd day collection report

Sultan is no more in wrestling but somehow a delusional old man from an MMA thingy is dead sure that he can win for them. They cut kite strings and make Sultan chase it because that’s how he’d start running again. Enter Sultan’s international trainer played by Randeep who likes to eat bananas and oranges. Sultan is now an MMA star. He still carries a bag of soil from the Haryanvi akharas and rubs it on his body for his mojo. People chant ‘Sultan, Sultan’ for him.

Sultan 22nd day collection: 1.26 Cr approx


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Sultan theme song plays in the background. More ‘Haryanvi’ accent. The wife who was so full of spite till now suddenly turns up. Because she is a ‘strong female character’ who they saved for the climax where she comes and cheers hubby at the final bouts of the match. Sultan wins, saves the day. Gets his wife back. People chant ‘Sultan, Sultan’ for him. Sultan theme song plays in the background.