Animated Storks movie review, rating, response & box office collection

Animated Storks movie is the amazing movie has been released today in India theaters. This movie is very cute with cute little babies. This movie has also given a strong competition to the Magnificent Seven movie who has a strong weekend box office yet. Storks are for all the family with parents and kids alike having their hearts melted by the cuteness of these animated babies. For me, I appreciated the humour.

Storks movie box office collection report

From the company that brought us The LEGO movie, STORKS is about Cornerstone Delivery where the storks work. They used to deliver babies all over the land.

Animated Storks movie review, rating, response & box office collection

In reality, the film is about finding your family; and the things they go through along the way. Lots of funny and cute moments. Love the wolfpack. Here get the Animated Storks box office collection prediction weekend earning figures by experts.

Storks 1st day collection: 7 Cr

Storks 2nd day collection: 8 Cr

Storks 3rd day box office earning: 10 Cr

Storks worldwide weekend box office: 26 Cr

Storks movie review, rating & response by audience

I’m thinking of also reviewing Storks this weekend if I have the time. Warner Bros animation has given us some incredible films such as The Lego Movie and now we have a story about a stork and a human girl delivering a baby to a family which is loaded with Looney Tunes style humor. Does that sound like an interesting family friendly romp? Well, the trailers so far have made it seem like it is. I’ll give this one a shot.

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