Sadhuram 2 box office collection movie review, rating & 1st day earning

Have you ever heard that the 2nd part of the movie is released before its first part? Or have you heard that the fans of a particular Hollywood movie have contributed for its Tamil version? Well, then you will be shocked to know that Sadhuram 2 is the first ever Indian movie to have both of the above-stated features. Sadhuram 2 is to be released in Inda on 16th September 2016 in the Tamil language. It is India’s first philanthropical horror movie to be released before its first part!! Check Sadhuram 2 box office collection from here. We are expecting that Sadhuram 2 first day collection will get good earning.

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Sadhuram 2 box office collection report

Sadhuram 2 is inspired by the super hit series “Saw”. Saw never released on the big screen in India. Indian audience had only seen it on the small screen and have gone crazy with the thrilling plot and script. These fans only contributed for making the movie as they came to know that the Director Sumanth Radhakrishnan is interested in making Tamil version of Saw. We are sharing Sadhuram 2 collection prediction.

Sadhuram 2 1st day collection: 2 Cr

Sadhuram 2 2nd day collection: 2.50 Cr

Sadhuram 2 3rd day collection: 3 Cr

Tamil Sadhuram 2 movie review & rating by audience

The hard work of Sumanth and the fans really paid off when recently the first look of the movie was shared by The conjuring director James Wan!!! What a news!! A Tamil movie backed and appreciated by a director of such a successful movie. Director Sumanth had already made us proud even before the release of the movie.