Rustom vs Mohenjo Daro collection total box office earning worldwide income

Box office had witnessed the biggest clash of the superstars on 12th August of Rustom vs Mohenjo Daro collection, with the release of Akshay Kumar starrer RUSTOM and Hrithik Roshan starrer MOHENJO DARO together!! Both were most awaited films of the year with the big banner associated. Fans of both the stars had been eagerly looking forward to both the films. On one side Akshay Kumar starrer is based on a true story that shook the country and Hrithik Roshan starrer Mohenjo Daro is a period film based on historical background.

Rustom vs Mohenjo Daro collection day wise report

Check the Rustom vs Mohenjodaro box office collection day wise. It is cleared that Rustom won the box office war from Mohenjo Daro movie.

Rustom movie review | overseas collection

Akshay Kumar manages to enthrall with yet another stunning performance and that is all that Rustom can at best be. The Movie is pretty slow in the first half and picks up some pace only in the second half. The Courtroom scenes which are the central plot can best be voted as average as it lacks the required seriousness. It is not understood as to why Senior professionals like Sachin cheddar and Anang Desai were wasted as caricatures in the Movie and reduced to a mere laughing stock. In fact, the Court rooms directed by, say, Subhas Kapoor in Jolly LLB or Raj Kumar Santoshi in Damani, were really missed. The songs / music does not leave any impression, lasting or otherwise, and could have been avoided altogether.

Mohenjo Daro movie review total earning

This grand outing of Ashutosh Gowariker fails on an epic scale. Along with his reputation, he had the powerhouse of talents in Hrithik and AR Rehman (with very experimental, quirky music) and yet, Mohenjo Daro failed to soar or even make a white of an impact with it’s dull storyline, out of place characters and brash overindulgences. The director never claimed the period drama to be an accurate presentation of the past and has mostly filled the canvas with his imagination. However, the movie failed to impress from the very outset and didn’t deliver until the very end.

Set in 2016 BC, Sherman, a village guy and the go-to person for everyone, forays into Mohenjo Daro after relentlessly pursuing his uncle. The planned city seems familiar to him and soon he discovers the majestic city under the grip of a tyrant premier/ruler. He fell for the priest’s daughter and both profess love for each other before Saruman being caught and exposed as the rebel who also protested against the rigid tax rules. A collision like battle followed in the arena with two lethal warriors which were one of the high points in the movie.

Sarman also comes to know about his past and the fact that he is the lineage of his father who ruled Mohenjodaro & was framed and killed by the present ruler breaks his heart. Once justice is served and the present ruler is tied to a pole for good, Sarman and the denizens rallied together to build a bridge on the other side before the city is flooded by Sindhu.

The costume and the headgears look atrocious sometimes and the female lead didn’t have much emoting to do. Hrithik was industrious and yet he could not save the movie from sinking rock bottom. After Jodhaa Akbar and Khelenge Ji Jaan Se, Ashutosh needs to find his mojo real soon. So should Hrithik too. An average film which one can avoid.

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