Rustom 6th day collection 1st Wednesday worldwide box office earning & income

Rustom movie is an amazing movie on patriosm. Akshay Kumar delivered a well actiing in the movie. Rustom 6th day collection will be good. Rustom total box office collection of 5 days is 75 Cr and Rustom worldwide collection is 21.25 cr.

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The story has been set up against the backdrop of the early sixties in Bombay and that period created by the director is a major highlight of the movie. The way the leading hero and all other characters dress up. Socialise are a treat to watch.

Actor Akshay Kumar again comes out with a nice performance fully justifying his role of a navy officer. Other actors like, Elisha Gupta. Pawan Malhotra and the heroine have been competent especially Pawan who shines in the role of an inspector.

Rustom 6th day collection report

The movie is bit stretched and could have been scissored by chopping off some humorous scenes in d court and two songs which make the otherwise taut script a bit loose. Still, the movie is worth watching if not for anything else but enjoying the aura of Bombay in the early sixties and excellent performances by all actors. Check Rustom box office collection.

Rustom 6th day collection: 6.86 cr expected

Total Rustom box office collection | overseas | Kamai

The most anticipated movie of this holiday season. The movie is loosely based on the famous Nanavati case which marked the end of the Jury system in India. The script is tight and at no point do you feel lost or bored. The influence of media and people on the decision of the jury is very aptly shown.

The cast of the movie is good but as usual Akshay Kumar steals the show just edging out Pawan Malhotra. Movie yet again shows what a versatile and brilliant Akshay Kumar is an actor. This year is his after yet another brilliant performance. Rustom movie collection is also better than Mohenjo daro box office collection.

Rustom first Wednesday income

In all, there is no flaw in the movie except for the fact of the audience in the theatre hall. This is a personal request to all those who are planning to go for the movie with their kids, Please please please keep them quiet during the movie or kindly else keep them at home. You guys might not get disturbed but others do get disturbed by it