Rustom 21st day Collection total 21 days Income 3rd Thursday box office earning

Rustom is the 2nd Highest movie to get amazing box office earning of this year after Sultan. Rustom 21st day collection has crossed 126 Cr domestic India biz and Rustom overseas collection has collected more than 40 Cr. First suggestion after watching Rustom – Don’t go as per the reviews in newspapers. As it’s said don’t judge a book by it’s cover, same can be said about judging a movie by movie critics. Rustom is based on a landmark case of Nanavati, one such case which I have time and again studied in Law. Though the movie is not exactly the same as the actual case, it’s not far from reality too. SO we are here Rustom 21 days collection days wise and also check Rustom box office collection vs other movies earning.

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Rustom 21st day collection 3rd Thursday report

Akshay Kumar who is now known as an actor with a conscience has once again proved his mettle with this movie. He is very convincing as Navy commander Rustom urf Nanavati. Sylvia urf Cynthia played by Ileana D’cruz is graceful throughout the movie. One of my favourite actors Kumud Mishra(Rockstar fame), his character could have been much better though he has tried his best to play Russi Karanjia, the shrewd editor of Blitz. Pavan Malhotra as Cop Vincent Lobo’s role seemed promising in the beginning but got lost somewhere towards the end. Rustom has gained 207 percent profit from the market. This is a superhit movie at the box office.

Rustom 21st day collection: 1.09 Cr expected

Total Rustom 21 days earning days wise vs Mohenjo Daro

Esha Gupta even though was not one of the protagonists was closer to the character as her character displayed the charm of that era more than other characters. Arjun Bajwa (Prem Ahuja) manages to make the viewers hate him. Courtroom scenes could have been slightly better and the fact that the movie is based in the late 1950’s- to start of 60’s it fails to transport us to that era. Overall a good effort, Akshay Kumar is once again unstoppable. Watch it for Akki if not anything else. Rustom 21 days collection is 126 Cr approx. Check Rustom day wise earning at the box office.

We will also update the latest Rustom 22nd, 23rd and 24th days box office collection of crucial weekend.