Radhika Apte’s “Phobia” Movie 2016 Reviews | Ratings and Box office Collection Prediction

A new upcoming film by Radhika Apte “Phobia” is coming to theaters on 27th May, which is entirely based on Fear and fright of a girl who have a phobia of getting outside of a home. Radhika Apte is one of the hottest Bollywood actresses who was working on this project said she seriously got a phobia of few weeks after completing the film. The film is showing a mental disorder called Agoraphobia which is found in many people. The Phobia word indicates the film is all about a phobia of fear about something.

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Recently Trailer of Phobia 2016 film launched and the basic script of a movie come out to us.

Phobia 2016 Wiki Details and Budget

The casting team of the film includes Radhika Apte as primary Lead, Satyadeep Mishra, Ankur Vikal, Yashaswani Dayama and Nivideta Bhattarcharya. Pavan Kirpalani Director of a film has tried to show the complete anxiety pattern of phobia in this film. As Viki Rajani Producer of the movie don’t share anything in the recent screening.

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Cast: Radhika Apte, Satyadeep Mishra, Ankur Vikal, Yashaswani Dayama & Nivideta Bhattercharya
Directed By: Pavan Kirpalani
Produced By: Viki Rajani

Phobia 2016 Story Plot

The film is about an innocent girl (Radhika Apte) who suffers from Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder and have several fears at home. Some Robbers come inside her home forcefully and torture her. The main story starts from here the phobia suffering girl takes her stand and fight with them through mind game. The movie is full of suspense and Radhika Apte’s acting is praised by a director that she did her work so perfectly as he expected.

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Phobia 2016 Box Office Collection

The movie Phobia is releasing with Richa Chaddha’s “Cabaret” and Shiv Pandit’s “7 Hours to Go” in Cabaret is sufficiently promoted by Richa Chaddha. However, the fame factor of Radhika Apte is greater than other films besides it. But it all depends on the Story plot, Suspense and of a movie which makes it super hit on Box office.

\/ \/ Phobia 2016 Box Office Predictions \/ \/

Phobia 1st day Collection: 5-6 cr

Phobia 2nd day Box office: 6-7 cr

Phobia 3rd-day Business: 7-8 cr

Expected Phobia First weekend Box office collection: 17-20 cr

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The above metrics are all expectations; still the movie is not released, and official box office business has not published. Soon 123bocIndia will update the box office records of each day. Meanwhile, we will like to know about your reaction to the movie. What do you think about the film Ratings? How much total box office collection can Phobia 2016 Collect? Share your opinion here in below comments section.