Pink 8th day collection vs Raaz reboot 2nd friday box office worldwide earning

Again the propellor of the story here is actually the denial by the girls to utter the word ‘Sorry’ to the boys quite like the film #Fan. Coincidently, the word ‘Sorry’ has assumed greater importance in current Bollywood scenario quite unintentionally. That’s for the record. The first half is quite slow and a bit scary too. The actual drama starts in the second half and I must say it’s quite riveting. The legal procedures in Bollywood are not very expertly shown barring few movies, one of them recently being Jolly LLB.┬áCheck raaz reboot and pink 8th day collection report.

But kudos to Pink for daring to do that. Great research has gone into it, no doubt. Even director Anirudh Roy Chowdhary has to be applauded. The way the prosecution asserts their case and the line of defence which the victim takes has to be handled with dexterity. So smoothly the legal battle transgresses into the eternal fight between the male dominated feudal mindset vs the neo female-centric molestation laws.

Pink 8th day collection report

The flip side of Pink also subdued hints at the possibility of misusing these molestation laws, the discrimination meted out to our North Eastern brethren on a day to day basis in the main heartland of India, the corrupt police practices which can be of no help to the urban ladies who are actually viewed with tainted glasses.

Pink 8th day collection report: 4 Cr

Pink banishes the good old conventions. Here, one of the girls, Minal, superbly played by Tapsee Pannu (previously seen in Baby) actually doesn’t stay with her father even though she lives in the same city of Delhi just for the sake of proximity to her employment. Now is that a sufficient reason for a woman to stay away from the secured place of her parental home is best left to one’s own imagination and common sense. Or does it call for raising a toast in praise of a new liberal woman who can loose virginity at her will without being promiscuous.

Raaz Reboot vs Pink Second Friday box office collection

That’s a different debate altogether, may be Pink 2 will address it! However, our heart goes for the hapless, yet patient father who abruptly but silently goes away from the courtroom at the sight of his daughter being degenerated and tested on the grounds of her character. That’s so heart wrenching and a defining moment of liberalism hurting love.

At that very moment, u actually curse the wrongly accused woman for unwarrantedly hurting her father. That defining moment in the script skews the debate whether the girls actually deserved the trouble they got into.

Raaz Reboot 8th day box office collection: 1.75 Cr

Pink offers so many moments of introspection. Its speciality lies in the way it lays out the courtroom proceedings. It bravely depicts how a situation can be legally interpreted in two diagonally different ways. That’s the winning mark for the Pink.

Technically the film is top notch. The background score is especially noteworthy, though editing could have been crispier. The performances by the young brigade are very good. Here, the older ones faltered. The prosecutor, played by Piyush Mishra is a bit over the top. The judge is unnecessarily stern at times unlike the one played very realistically by Saurabh Shukla in Jolly LLB.

Pink vs Raaz Reboot 8 days box office earning

Pink breaks new grounds in cinema narrative. That alone deserves credit. I go generously with 3 and 1/2 out of 5 for this legal eagle. Had Bachchan been in his elements, this #Pink would have become another #Black in Big B’s illustrious career.

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