Raaz Reboot 4th day Collection Monday 4 days total box office earning income

Director Vikram Bhatt has started Raaz series in the year 2002 and continues the same with Raaz: The Mystery Continues (2009) and Raaz 3D (2012). Huge Success of Raaz has given rebirth to Horror Genre again in Bollywood. These time its Raaz Reboot, the 4th installment of Raaz Series. Will Raaz Reboot will merge success on Box office like its previous versions or will be passed on. Let’s analyze the Raaz Reboot 4th day collection report.

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Raaz Reboot 4th day collection report

The movie starts with the arrival of Rehaan Khanna (Gaurav Arora) and Shaina (Kirti Kharbanda) to Romania. Rehaan is not happy to come to Romania, but due to Shania’s insistence, he came to Romania from Mumbai. Things get worse when Shania feels that there is something wrong in the house and It is haunted. She tries to convince Rehaan that there is a spirit in the house but he refuses the same. In lots of disturbance, She comes across with fashioned photographer Aditya (Emraan Hashmi) who was her ex-boyfriend.

Raaz Reboot 4th day collection: 3.50 Cr expected

Aditya knows each and everything happening with her and he promise her to help her out from that condition. Will Aditya Help her out from that condition or what will happen next? That’s the secret of Raaz Reboot.

Raaz reboot 4 days box office collection Monday income

Raaz Reboot is watchable for these 3 reasons; first Spine-Chilling horror scenes, second It is  unique, Suspense and thrilling story line which hooks you up till suspense reveals and the third reason is, it’s top class Cinematography. The Cinematographer has done a good job of capturing the beauty of Romania. Here I want to add these time Director Vikram Bhatt has done full justice to the storyline and not only to Horror scenes. You may also feel sometimes that horror is less or missing in the second half but it is as per script demand.

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If we talk about Performances, Emraan Hashmi is good as always, Gaurav Arora has done a good job. Its Kirti Kharbanda who has given complete justice to her role, she has given a superb performance. Music is hummable and its another plus factor for Raaz Reboot. Background score is really good. It makes movie scary in some scenes.

Overall, Raaz Reboot is Scary with some terrifying sequences. If you are a fan of Horror genre, must give a chance to these ones. I hope you got some interesting report on Raaz Reboot 4th day collection.