Raaz Reboot 2nd day collection total Saturday box office earning & Kamai

Shout Out – When will Bollywood or Vikram Bhatt or Vishesh Film ever give up on the tried and tested formula when it comes to horror films. “Raaz Reboot” will undoubtedly remind you of every horror film that has hit theaters in the last few years,nationally & internationally. Check Raaz Reboot 2nd day collection report below.

Raaz Reboot 2nd day collection report

Raaz Reboot is an extension of the successful Raaz franchise from the Bhatt camp, which has become adept at giving horror thrillers and sequels. The promo posters and trailers were erotic and thrilling But does the movie provide more of the same? My answer is a big ‘No’.

Raaz Reboot 2nd day collection: 7 expected

Raaz Reboot Saturday box office collection

Raaz Reboot” features Kriti (Shaina) and Gaurav (Rehaan) as the married couple going through a rough patch and things turn worse after they shift to Romania.

Although Kriti is happy to have moved to a new place, her happiness is short-lived as she starts feeling the presence of an evil spirit in the house.

She tells Gaurav about the spirit and tries to convince him to leave the house, but like always he refuses to believe her words. Meanwhile, Emraan Hashmi’s character (Aditya), happens to be Kriti’s ex-maniac boyfriend enters the scene.

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He tells Kriti that he knows everything and he are here to help her. He tries to convince her by pointing out all the things she has been experiencing inside the house and claims that he saw all those in his dreams.

He also claims that there is something that her husband has been hiding from her. Although she initially refuses to believe him due to Emraan’s bad past, she later joins him to dig out the mystery.

However, the supernatural power takes control of Kriti’s body and that is when Gaurav finally realizes that she was not faking it.

Raaz Reboot 2 days total business income

Like always, Directed Vikram Bhatt’s, “Raaz Reboot” has nothing new to offer. Just like his previous films, it’s all about haunted mansions, strange voices, unsettled spirits hanging somewhere between life and death, possessing an innocent soul & tormenting them.

The only change you will notice is that this Raaz introduces us to Christian theology—there is a Gypsy woman, a “psychometrist” and a priest all trying to overpower the devil. You will surely find inspirations from foreign films as The Omen, not to mention the sinister black bird sequence will confirm that. Check Raaz Reboot 2 day box office income.

Raaz reboot 1st day box office: 6.30 Cr

Raaz Reboot 2nd day collection: 7 Cr Expected

There is a change in atmospheric too—the cold climate, snow-laden land of Romania, Sprawling painting exhibition etc. And one thing has not changed, the usual ‘Smooching’ & ‘Lovemaking’ scenes Courtesy – Mr. Hashmi.

The first half is slow & filled with unwanted songs & scenes..you will only notice the three characters telling each other  ‘kuch toh raaz hai’, ‘kya raaz hai’, ‘kahin toh raaz chhupa hai’, ‘yeh raaz hamein alag kar dega’, over and over again..but nothing seems to come out.

The movie dips in momentum in most of the scenes and the dramatic lengthy climax is not as chilling as expected, ends up being dragged & bore.

There are some scenes which are scary— such as the whispers from a drain,painted faces with empty eyeballs. but all look as if they have been ‘inspired’ from The Exorcist or the Paranormal Activity,

Raaz Reboot movie Performances :

First of all, it is not an Emraan Hashmi film, newcomer Gaurav Arora is the Hero of the film & does quite a decent job.

Emraan Hashmi will be seen in a new avatar & will surprise you. (No spoilers please)

Kirti kharbanda is just about okay but I quite love her eyes..its beautiful-)

A special mention goes to my talented friend Tripti Agarwal for the wonderful performance in a small role but a good one. She played the mother of Kirti. (Tripti u still look young to become the mother of Kirti lolz)

Music :

The songs, though decent, only turn out to be unpleasant distractions. The background music is on the mark while the special effects and the way horror has been depicted don’t serve the purpose of scaring the audience.

Raaz Reboot Verdict hit or flop :

When will Bollywood come up with a good horror movie that actually fits into the genre? Raaz Reboot is an ordinary flick with no Chills. My advice would be to avoid it. We hope you get the Raaz Reboot 2nd day collection report and fully admired from this. For more Raaz Reboot 3rd day and 4th day collection please stay tuned for updates.