Pink vs Raaz Reboot Box office collection Day wise Earning Domestic worldwide report

On this Friday two big movies have released in the theaters. One is Amitabh Bachchan starer Pink and another is Emraan Hashmi starer horror movie Raaz Reboot. These two movies have clashed at the box office. So here you get Pink vs Raaz Reboot box office collection report day wise. Check the Pink vs Raaz Reboot day wise collection earning at the Box office. Find out, who is the winner of first weekend collection and who’s gonna go far at the box office.

Raaz Reboot total box office collection report

This installment of Raaz has something to make you think over and be curious but finally doesn’t deliver anything new other than the usual mantra of driving away the ghosts in a typical dishes film productions way. As usual, the plot has something which starts off as a mystery and then gets solved and finally gets dissolved . I did not find any freshness on the script as the end at least is a plain copy of many other horror movies. Moreover, most of you would find it hard to accept a hero as the Ghost .

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The screenplay is quite well going till the second half begins as we see a lot of curiosity pumping sequences but as time passes by it looses its instinct to keep you engaged as the plot merely goes plain and not so interesting. The transition of the story was well written but fails due to lack originality .The story is about a young couple who move to a new place and there the girl finds the house to be haunted and she starts feeling strange vibes and reports it to her husband but he doesn’t seem to react which turns the situation bad nd things get worse day by day and one fine day the spirit just possesses the girl and comes out to be undefeated . As mystery starts getting unveiled a lot of raaz comes out , raaz about the girls past , raaz about the boy and then how do they tackle it and wat are this raaz all about and do they succeed in driving away the spirit is the movie all about


EMRAAN HASHMI, as usual, has been normal with his acting but his role as a ghost seemed not so great,Kriti khatbanda has been amazing and gorgeous all throughout and coming to the actor Gaurav he has been good with his expressions and follows the ensemble cast


it’s not a worth watch at cinemas as there is nothing intensifying to qualify this one as an out n out horror movie .

PINK vs Raaz Reboot box office collection

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Pink total box office collection report

#Pink makes amazing business almost 10 crores on Day 3 and jumping massively to reach almost 22 crores in total. Word-of-mouth and positive reviews played significantly. If your content is good, no one can prevent you from becoming successful at the box office. The script is king. Hope more filmmakers will tread and tell such stories, making a bold statement. There has been a lack of daring subject in the past. A commercially viable no-brainer and a bold subject can work big at the same time. Why pitch one against the other. #Pink is a game changer and the film of the year. Brilliant!

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Directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, written by Ritesh Shah, PINK is a powerful film. It clearly highlights what’s wrong with our society. And why the gender equality is nothing more than just a term in our country. And it does that without any subtlety. It also hints at the discrimination towards the north-east Indians. And how corrupt our society is.
All Actors are in terrific touch here Taapsee Pannu is wonderful along with here other two leads Kirti Kulhari & Andrea Tariang. Piyush Mishra as a lawyer is fantastic and tough. But it’s Undoubtedly Amitabh Bachchan who delivers another flawless performance that stays with you long after you have left the screens, all co-actors Kirti Kulhari | Andrea Tariang | Angad Bedi | Shoojit Sircar | Vijay Varma | Tushar Pandey did a great job.

The Film Pink is no way a movie to be missed this year. Spend a little amount and watch this terrific drama unfolds & it will shake you to the core. Don’t Miss this by any chance. Hope you guys get the Pink vs Raaz Reboot day wise collection report. Please share this report on the social media sites.