Pink movie review, rating by audience live updates Twitter response

Pink is a movie that is based on realism as it talks about real young women living real lives. But mot importantly it highlights judgment and prejudices they have to face on a daily basis simply because they are working and living alone. The three female protagonists have nailed the essence of the movie in an almost flawless manner. The presence of Amitabh Bachchan as the relentless lawyer, just adds to the cinematic value of the movie. Overall, Pink is one movie that everyone must watch and we give it a rating of 4.0 stars. Get the Pink movie review from here.

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Pink movie review by audience

Looks like feminists are very frustrated at our awareness campaigns and they do not like the word feminazi. They want to use this movie not to help any rape victim, but to push for a draconian one-sided law of marital rape.

Justice in India is simple. If police officials do not take the complaint of rape or sexual harassment, one can file a private complaint at a magistrate in just a day and immediately it will be on a record.

However, leftists and feminists run false propaganda that female victims have no recourse to justice, while rape of men by men or women is Legal by definition.

Delhi women’s commission itself says that 53% of rape cases filed in a year are false. The courts themselves are warning of this extortion business.

What do feminists really want? They want an accused to be convicted based on the word of the woman alone. Why? Because they think that it is time for women to take revenge on average men for so-called centuries of oppression. For them, this is a war and if innocent men suffer, then they are just collateral damage.

Cross-examination of a victim in a rape case takes a maximum 3 or 4 hours over a span on 4 or 5 hearings. They do not even want that. To make it worse, their definition of rape has large gray areas.

This Journalist writes, “Pink is a relevant film, in a day and age when there are many such cases in the news when attempts by women at seeking justice are often equated with vindictive litigation. Despite the fact that so many women don’t even have recourse to justice, they are accused of misusing the law. And feminists are roundly dismissed as ‘feminazis’.”

She is certainly pissed off that we call them feminazis.