Pink 5th day collection Tuesday total 5 days box office overseas earning report

Pink is an unconventional tale of three girls and a group of guys, one of whom ends up with a bottle violently kissing and barely missing his eye. The film eventually turns into an emotional courtroom drama that deals with a sensitive subject of gender violence with an unbiased eye. It also raises a question on the way society disgracefully perceives independent women and their choices. Check Pink 5th day collection from here.

Pink 5th day collection report

The story isn’t very compelling but the plot unravels in a rather good manner with a few surprises up its sleeves. It’s actually the tight and well-crafted screenplay that keeps you engrossed. You end up anticipating and enjoying the unusual and sometimes uncomfortable dialogues in the court proceedings, making it an enjoyable affair.
Pink 5th day box office collection: 3.12 Cr

Pink 5 days total worldwide box office collection

Amitabh Bachchan once again delivers a phenomenal performance with all the other actors holding their characters together with a panache. The leading ladies’ natural performances keep reminding of “regular” girls you and I might know of. Piyush Mishra plays the role of a prosecution lawyer and is praiseworthy. The young men are also spot on with their respective parts. Check Pink 5 days total collection.

Pink movie fifth day Tuesday box office growth

For me, the highlight of the film is the superbly written dialogues, delivered with a pinch of sarcastic dark humor sprinkled over. The courtroom arguments are sure to win to heart and you more than often end up impressed.
Pink overseas collection: 17 Cr
Pink total box office collection: 42 Cr
Pink is for sure a very important film for Indian cinema. You will take away important ideas that you’ll remember. Pink is a must watch.