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What does the color “PINK“ reminds one of – charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, feminine, and romance. In today’s contemporary India, pink is used as a strong code reference for feminine, unlike manliness which has no color tag reference. But pink is a symbolic color often used by groups for issues important to women. Pink has submitted well growth at the box office. We are sharing Pink 4th day collection report here. 

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The movie Pink is not a case of women empowerment but it’s more about the liberties, choices, and preferences of every common girl. Pink is a ground-breaking film, which shatters the very basic assumption about Indian women – they can’t say a No. If this basic assumption is not valid, then the question of molestation would not arise at all. Well, that’s the point Pink brings our attention to. Get the Pink 4th day box office collection business report from here.

Pink 4th day collection report

Pink, is a movie about three girls representing three different section of working women – Minal (Tapsee Pannu), a bold and confident Indian girl; Falak (Kriti Kulhari) – a not-so-financially sound woman and Andrea (Andrea Tariang) – the girl from the North-east. What happens when these three girls escape a night out gone wrong with three boys in a Surajkund resort as Minal breaks an alcohol bottle on the head of Rajvir Singh (Angad Bedi), belonging to a family of powerful politicians. What happens next when a police complaint filed by Minal against Rajvir backfires due to repeated threats, ego clashes and accusations forms the rest of the story.

Pink 4th day collection: 5 Cr

Tapsee Pannu’s Minal is vulnerable, bold, outspoken and confident, this is her third Bolly film and we can say she is a powerhouse of acting. She has a great way to go ahead. After watching Pink, can’t wait to watch her reprising her as the lead badass uncover agent in Naam Shabnam, a prequel to Baby, with her flashback story.

Total Pink 4 days box office collection

Amitabh Bachchan as Deepak Sehgal, as the girls’ lawyer, is riveting in every scene as he brings out the finer details before the judge. The required seriousness, deft humor in intense-courtroom proceedings and conviction as the lawyer is outstandingly brought to live on the screen with his baritone voice. Kriti Kulhari has got her break after Shaitan, and she is so convincing and relatable. Andrea Tariang, the girl from the North-East, the most harassed section of girls, is equally convincing. Angad Bedi’s strong character and scary stares make the bad guy watchable representing the patriarchal society. Piyush Mishra as the prosecution lawyer is at the top of his game – must say we have never seen a prosecution lawyer like him before.

The highlight of Pink is its technique, a clever storytelling technique used to build up the story – snippets of conversations, accusations, and confessions is the viewpoint for the audience, as if they were sitting in the courtroom and witness the courtroom proceedings with no actual footage of the incident shown until the end credits roll out. No unnecessary songs except a one or two in the background make the film more compelling and worth watching. The Kaari Kaari track is sung by Pakistani singer Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch, with the meaningful lyrics, adds to the tone of the movie. Except for unnecessary scenes about Amitabh Bachchan and his wife, the film is tight, gripping and relatable.

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Pink is a movie that leads to strongly open up the deep-set prejudices, misplaced male prerogative and outright injustice against women in our Indian society. There is not a single dry moment in the movie and it has ample of highlights – especially the conversation between the Minal and police officer for filing a police report and the ample courtroom sequences from questioning the North-East identity to the compromised police investigation.

Pink is a must-watch and cannot be given a miss – as it is a dish with great content and satisfying experience, with a signature finish of its own. 4.5 stars out of 5. Hope you get the right infomerion about Pink 4th day collection.