Pink 3rd day collection total First weekend Sunday box office income report

Pink is an amazing movie with Amitabh Bachchan tremendous acting of the lawyer. Get the Pink 3rd day collection. Pink movie collection is now increasing after 2nd day at the box office. When it’s a high time the world needs to stop stereotyping and objectifying women, Shoojit Sircar puts up a great show and gives us a reality check of our prejudiced, *hypocritical, feudal society where women are judged every now and then.

In a country where women are judged by what they wear, whom they hang out with and where they work, ‘PINK’ strikes straight to one’s conscience. Here we are sharing Pink 3rd day box office collection report.

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Pink 3rd day collection report

PINK is centered on three young working women, and their fight for justice, respect, dignity, freedom and most importantly, CHOICE. It slaps right across the faces of our society by exposing its double standards. Its frame by frame excellence and top notch performances will bound you with your seat. A treat for Big B fans. Thank you, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury and Soojit Sircar for bringing this film to our society, to me.

Pink 3rd day collection: 8 Cr expected

Pink 3 days box office collection business

Do yourself a favor and watch PINK! It’s a tour de force. This movie is for patrons who are into serious cinema and can appreciate good performances. Please do watch the end credits and listen to (understand) the poem recited by Mr. Amitabh Bacchan.

Check: Pink box office collection

Pink 1st day collection: 4.32 Cr

pink 2nd day collection: 7.65 Cr

pink 3rd day collection: 8 Cr expected

‘No’ is not just a word but a sentence in itself. It doesn’t require any qualification, clarification, justification or interpretation when it’s stated by a woman to a man in the context of the sexual relationship. That is the core and explicit message of the film.

Pink Sunday third day 1st weekend income

One must watch it with Indian eyes within the Indian context (especially for my NRI friends) of a feudal overlordship kind of thinking amongst certain communities that has been nurtured by years of religious bigotry, politicized misogyny, graphic gender inequality, and hyper-chauvinistic attitudes that are considered to represent a misguided notion of right and wrong. Without such a mode of thinking, the essential force of the film will be lost.


The movie is a little theatrical at times, especially during court scenes involving examination of the chief protagonists by the respective lawyers. Nevertheless, it’s a tool which is used within an artistic license that must be extended to the director in order to drive home the key concepts of consent within the power differential amongst the two genders in the sexual context.

Pink 1st weekend box office collection: 20 to 22 Cr expected


The movie in its broader sweep is a reflection of society’s faulty assumptions and misinterpretations of innocuous actions of social propriety by women. It’s these assumptions which eventually promote, maintain and justify acts of a sexual misdemeanor.

These are the rape myths that allow society to conveniently blame the victims for sexual (and violent) crimes committed upon them as ‘deserved’. We hope you all get pink 3rd day collection from here. Stay tuned for more latest news of Pink movie.