Pink 2nd day collection total Saturday box office earning overseas income report

Why it took Bollywood a decade to make a film like “Pink” which questions the patriarchal mindset of our society, the rights, ethics and the basic criteria laid down upon which opinions are formed on characters of women. No is never a yes. A ‘No’ is ALWAYS a ‘No’.
Rating – 4/5. Check Pink 2nd day collection below.

Check: Pink box office collection

Pink 2nd day collection report

Shoojit Sircar along with director Aniruddha Chowdhury continues his excellent work since “Piku” and this time I promise you this is by no means a light breeze entertainer, this is an absolutely hard hitting film in everyone’s face. We live in a country where the law of the land is unbiased but the opinions of the people are completely biased on basis of gender. Such is the impact of the movie, it will make you think differently if you are not already.

Pink 2nd day collection: 6 Cr expected

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Pink box office collection Saturday business

“Pink” leaves you completely numb finding for answers to questions that should never have been asked. This high octane 2hr16min courtroom drama effortlessly punctures the ideas or the opinions upon which women are judged. Amitabh Bachchan as Deepak Sehgal a retired lawyer establishes clearly in the court through his baritone “’Humare yahaan ghadi ki sui insaan ka character decide karti hai”, nailing his views not only on the culprits but also to everyone who has opinions that differs on basis of gender.

Pink 1st day box office collection: 4.32 Cr

Pink 2nd day collection: 6 Cr

Meenal (Tapsee Pannu), Falak (Kirti Kulhari) and Andrea (Andrea Tariang) deliver riveting performance as natural as it gets, they are emotionally vulnerable but never ready to trade off their dignity. Rajvir Singh (Angad Bedi) a spoilt brat, makes a character that you will continue hating more. The scene where Rajvir falls prey when his restlessness was used by Sir Bachchan when he asked him to form an opinion about his own sister having an alcohol with her friends, does that means she is “characterless”. “Achhe ghar ki ladkiyaan sharab nahi peeti”, now which rulebook mentions that. Several scenes are crafted with such maturity, like a daughter being prosecuted by the opposition lawyer Piyush Mishra in front of her father with questions related to her virginity.

Pink 2 days collection vs Raaz reboot collection

The direction being excellent with the edgy screenplay, the movie never deviates from its mission, and it so flawlessly transforms itself from a thriller to a court room trial in the second half.

Pink 2 days collection: 10 Cr expected

Raaz Reboot 2 days collection: 12 Cr expected

A classic example that the court of law doesn’t create any injustice on gender, so why do we create. “Pink” is a slap in the face of those who literally define the characteristics of women on preconceived notions.Please go and watch “Pink”, it is one of the best movies our country has ever produced.