Pink 15th day Box office collection Total 2nd Friday domestic 15 days earning report

Pink movie of Amitabh Bachchan is still going very strong at the box office and now it is near to reach the 60 Cr. The movie worldwide plus domestic box office collection has also crossed 80 Cr. Pink 15th day box office collection is very good and get 1.08 Cr according to Taran Adarsh report. Check Pink movie total box office collection report.

Pink 15th day collection business report

While I appreciate your posts and reviews on the moviePink, some of us are taking it too far with our reviews and comments. I agree to the fact in India, more often than not, attempts by women at seeking justice are often equated with vindictive litigation and this movie hits hard, among others, on these archaic assumptions of Indian patriarchal society.

Total Pink 15th day box office collection: 1.08 Cr

But, I have a counter-narrative or rather counter-intuitive thought about the message that we have taken by watching the movie. From my little knowledge, I understand that even though the concept of feminism has various facets but in its core, it talks about equality among (not between) the sexes.

Pink 15 days box office collection 2nd Friday income

Pink 15th day collection gets and amazing earning at the box office despite new release. MS Dhoni movie 2nd day box office collection gets the jump after the first day income but there is no effect on PINK movie.

Check Pink 15 days wise box office collection in the following table.

Having said that, while we are at reforming the mindset of Indian society, why don’t we take out some time to ponder upon these:

1. A NO is NO, be it from a guy or girl. The impact or validity of a negative answer should not be dependent on the sex of the person uttering it. I mean, why a NO from a guy would carry any less impact. Without obfuscating reason and rationality, let’s keep it trifle simple; a NO is a NO, be it from a guy or a girl.

2. While we should agree that size of her skirt is not a reflection of her character, we should also believe that size of his biceps or clicking pictures in a gym is not a true reflection of his intellect or smartness.

3. While we should agree that women who wear dresses and shorts, smoke and/or drink, and who hang out with male friends require no lens of judgement, we should agree that a single guy is not desperate. That a small towner guy is not a wannabe. That asking a girl out is not promiscuous. That approaching a girl at a café or bar does not mean a reflection of a man’s sexual predilection.

4. Last but not the least, while granddaughters require a word of wisdom from Amitabh Bachchan, we can’t sideline the fact that his grandson also deserves a letter stating how to lead his life and struggles he might encounter.