Total Pellichoopulu box office collection worldwide Earning day wise income

Who says the movies based on ordinary men and their life cannot be successful? Pellichoopulu box office collection also got the amazing collection in the US box office. The success story of the romantic- comedy “Pooli choopulu” breaks all the stereotypes about the types of films which become a huge success. Released on 29th July 2016 and still pulling a good number of viewers to the theater; this movie has actually created a history.

Pellichoopulu box office collection day wise

A simple story of common people, who have big dreams and aspirations but do not end having a miraculously wealthy life. Rather they learn each time from their mistakes and make things fall in place slowly. Poolichoopulu does not portray heroism; it portrays a normal human life which is full of sorrows, wrong decisions, rejections, acceptance, surprises, setbacks and what not!!  A neat and clean movie which can be watched with the family and children!!!

30 days Pelli choopulu movie collection earning

Poolichoopulu’s team has been celebrating its success with full throttle. The movie has done well and is still a favorite for the audience even after a month post release. The movie had grossed 7 crore rupees by the 10th day only. It has become so famous that audience is preferring Poolichoopulu over the new releases of the week!!!