Parched box office collection total worldwide earning 10 days business report

The story revolves around 3 women. Parched in their own individual lives. Rani, a widow with a son of marriageable age. Lajjo stuck in an abusive marriage and stigma of being childless and Bijlii the village prostitute who actually is a symbol of freedom. Strong Women; not aware how strong can they be. Women like you and me who discuss love, men, and sex. Find solace in each other’s company. Enjoy a personal joke, gossip harmlessly and admire Shahrukh Khan. Women ,fighting their own battles everyday and emerging as winners, in the end, every day. Check the Parched box office collection report. 

Total Parched box office collection report

Radhika Apte is the new Smita Patil of our country and there is no second thought to it. Her Lajjo in this film evokes both, love and compassion from the viewers. Smiling at every possible chance life offers, she sparkles with hope throughout the film. A little attention to her accent will help her to shine further.Tannishtha Chatterjee as Rani, steal your heart when she is worried about looking old or is admiringly sending her own daughter in law off with another boy.

Parched box office collection till date: 3 Cr approx.

The brazen Bijlii played by Surveen Chawla will make you emotional .The hope of love and the pain of rejection both in a span of one scene will leave you speechless. Chandan Anand as Rajesh will linger on your mind for a while too. All the others have done their job well and add to making the film better.

Parched 10 days box office worldwide – domestic earning

There is no unrealistic song and dance sequence just because of its Rajasthan ;which is a relief. The sets have a bit of touristic touch, but then Rajasthan is colorful! The film could have been in simple Hindi, the Rajasthani touch to the dialogues is a little unconvincing at places.

Parched 1st week box office collection: 1.89 Cr

Parched worldwide box office collection: 1.82 Cr till date

Yes, Parched reminded me of yet another classic Mirch Masala at more than one place. Besides of course the backdrop of Rajasthan, the characters too ;seemed close to the cult film . Mirch Masala talked about women education and Parched raises the issue of women independence; not just monetarily, but in all sense. Nonetheless, it is definitely worth a watch.

It is a film which celebrates the victory of Sita who doesn’t wait for any Rama to fight for her in this bias patriarchal society. Instead, this time, she decides to fight back and save herself. So, go and check out the women power. Cheers to friendship cheer to women power!!