Padmavati Box Office Collection 43rd Day Total 44 Days Worldwide 44th Day Earning

Padmavati Box Office Collection 44th Day Total 44 Days Worldwide 43rd Day 7th Wednesday Earning: Padmavati movie is released on 25 January 2018. The main heart of the movie is Ranveer Singh acting. He steals the show. Padmavat aka Padmavati today, the most sensitive & controversial movie till now. Padmavati box office collection opens very well at overseas BOC. Ranveer Singh performed exceptionally, best among all, you will surely hate him at the end of this movie because of his cruelty. Deepika as usual, best fitted Queen role in her look and acting. Sahid Kapoor acted with voice maturity but his physical structure is not like a Rajput king. VFX wise this could be better if more war scenes and areal views provided. Overall this movie is in one word “History Repeats” what we read/knew. In an entire movie timing, the vision was to show the Rajput’s dignity, power and dedication towards their country and womanhood, on the other side Alauddin won the battle but actually lost the mission. Get Padmavati box office collection report from here. Here we have Padmavati Fourty-fourth day and Fourty-Third Day worldwide collection report daywise. Read, Padmavati movie reviews and audience response.

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Latest Update: #Padmavati continues STEADILY to add to a BIG TOTAL… [Week 5] Fri 88 lakhs, Sat 1.56 cr, Sun 2.02 cr. Total: ₹ 286.24 cr. India biz… Note: Hindi + Tamil + Telugu. SUPER-HIT.

Padmavati Box Office Collection 3rd Day Total 3 Days Worldwide 2nd Day Earning

Padmavati Box office collection

Padmavat is a movie which should Bollywood be proud of. The story is such which every Indian should be proud of. Its very heart-pleasing to see the sacrifice of Rani Padmavati.
I wish these kinds of love story still can be found in today’s era. The acting of Deepika, Ranveer, Shahid is way above league. And as I always say when it comes to composition the man Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a legend. Get Padmavati DAY 35 worldwide collection Kamai report. Check daywise Padmavati box office collection from following data.

Padmavati Paid Screening (Wednesday): 5 Cr

Padmavati 1st day collection (Thursday): 19 Cr

Padmavati 2nd day collection (Friday): 32 Cr

Padmavati 3rd day collection (Saturday): 27 Cr

Padmavati 4th day collection (Sunday): 31 Cr

Padmavati 5th day collection (Monday): 15 Cr

Padmavati 6th day collection (Tuesday): 14 Cr

Padmavati 7th day collection (Wednesday): 12.50 Cr

Padmavati 8th day collection (2nd Thursday): 11 Cr

Padmavati 9th day collection (2nd Friday): 10 Cr

Padmavati 10th day collection (2nd Saturday): 16 Cr

Padmavati 11th day collection (2nd Sunday): 20 Cr

Padmavati 12th day collection (2nd Monday): 7 Cr

Padmavati 13th day collection (2nd Tuesday): 6 Cr

Padmavati 14th day collection (2nd Wednesday): 5.50 Cr

Padmavati 15th day collection (3rd Thursday): 6.50 Cr

Padmavati 16th day collection (3rd Friday): 3.50 Cr

Padmavati 17th day collection (3rd Saturday): 6.30 Cr

Padmavati 18th day collection (3rd Sunday): 8 Cr

Padmavati 19th day collection (3rd Monday): 3.20 Cr

Padmavati 20th day collection (3rd Tuesday): 3.75 Cr

Padmavati 21st day collection (3rd Wednesday): 4.50 Cr

Padmavati 22nd day collection (4th Thursday): 2.50 Cr

Padmavati 23rd day collection (4th Friday): 1.75 Cr

Padmavati 24th day collection (4th Saturday): 3 Cr

Padmavati 25th day collection (4th Sunday): 4 Cr

Padmavati 26th day collection (4th Monday): 1.50 Cr

Padmavati 27th day collection (4th Tuesday): 1.25 Cr

Padmavati 28th day collection (4th Wednesday): 1.23 Cr

Padmavati 29th day collection (5th Thursday): 1.25 Cr

Padmavati 30th day collection (5th Friday): 88 L

Padmavati 31st day collection (5th Saturday): 1.56 Cr

Padmavati 32nd day collection (5th Sunday): 2.02 Cr

Padmavati 33rd day collection (5th Monday): 93 L

Padmavati 34th day collection (5th Tuesday): 85 L

Padmavati 35th day collection (5th Wednesday): 74 L

Padmavati 36th day collection (6th Thursday): 65 L

Padmavati total 35 days box office collection (Sixth Week): 290 Cr Expected

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Total Padmavati Fourty-Fourth Day 7th Thursday Overseas Gross Income

Simply Outstanding. Sanjay Leela Bansali just proved it once again why he is the master of making historical films.He just took bollywood movie to another level. The never seen before set location with awesome VFX and heart-thrilling background music makes the movie fantabulous. Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor they both just nailed their character completely. Deepika Padukone’s acting not best but better than her two previous movies (i.e #Ramleela & #BajiraoMastani). The movie is filled with amazing dialogues, and the Climax scene of the movie is simply heart touching. This movie is a perfect tribute to all the Rajputs. Here we have Padmavati worldwide box office collection.

Total Padmavati 44 Days 7th Friday worldwide collection: 570 Cr Expected

Padmavati Movie Reviews, Ratings and Audience Response, Hit or Flop

Padmavati Movie Reviews: SLB has once again hit the bullseye. Larger than life Canvas, great direction, sharp editing, superb Cinematography, and sets. A bit Slow in between. Probably the best acting of both Ranveer Singh as Psycho Crazy king, Deepika did Justice to her role. Shahid was great too. Ranveer Singh’s character a version of Allaudin Khilji a giant brave monster who is crazy clever cunning and outstanding fighters. Deepika was amazing throughout the movie.

Padmavati Box Office Collection 3rd Day Total 3 Days Worldwide 2nd Day Earning

Though Ranveer kinda took all the attention. Action scenes were perfect. Deepika did a seriously inspiring role in Padmavati. The brave lady characters they have portrayed in the movie. This movie should inspire all the women And Ya Shahid Kapoor’s character will make you respect the Rajputi brave nature. Karni Sena has, in fact, helped SLB to get a great opening. And they can now rest in peace since the film has nothing against them.

Padmavati Movie Ratings: 4.5/5 Stars.

We hope you get and satisfied with the above Padmavati box office collection report. For more interesting movie box office earning/kamai and reviews. Please stay tuned to us.


  1. only alauddin khilji can break bahubalis record Nt bajirao

    baniye ka dimaag miyan bhai ki daring continues

    agar srk alaukin hora to

    it would be all time universal highest grosser

  2. very nice this site. and very nice this movie. Padmaavat is the story of honor, valor and obsession. Queen Padmavati is known for her exceptional beauty along with a strong sense of justice and is the wife of Maharawal Ratan Singh and pride of the Kingdom of Chittor, pinoy tv shows a prosperous kingdom in the north west of India.