PadMan Box Office Collection 28th Day Total 4th Thursday 29th Day Worldwide Earning

Padman Box Office Collection 28th Day 29th Day Total 4th Friday 29 days Worldwide Earning: Padman is the movie which is inspired by the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham. Padman is an Indian biographical comedy-drama movie which is directed and written by R.Balki. The story of the movie is based on the book on The Legend of Lakshmi Prashad which is written by Twinkle Khanna. The movie is released in the theaters on 9 February 2018. The main star cast of the film is Akshay Kumar, Radhika Apte, and Sonam Kapoor. Padman box office collection gets an amazing response on its opening weekend. PadMan is inspired by the true story and talks about the situation in rural areas and perfectly executed by Akshay Kumar with top-notch writings needs a standing ovation for showing guts, breaking the taboo and show the emotional courage. The response from the audience of Padman movie is very good. People are liking Akshay’s’s movie. Get Padman box office collection from here. Here we have Padman Twenty-Ninth day and Twenty-Eighth day domestic India earning Kamai report. Also, read Padman Movie Review, Rating, and Audience Response.

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Latest Update: PadMan [Week 3] Fri 50 lakhs, Sat 80 lakhs, Sun 1 cr. Total: ₹ 78.95 cr. India biz. PadMan biz at a glance… Week 1: ₹ 62.87 cr Week 2: ₹ 13.78 cr Weekend 3: ₹ 2.30 cr Total: ₹ 78.95 cr India biz.

PadMan Box Office Collection 1st Day Total Opening Friday 2nd Day Worldwide Earning

PadMan Box Office Collection

Akshay Kumar is a man on a mission. Most of his acclaimed work in recent times involves him taking up a cause that’ll enrich society or whip up nationalistic fervor. There’s an obvious enthusiasm in him to play characters taking a morally high ground. And while it is advantageous to spearhead significant subjects, a monotony of earnestness has set in. Padman movie budget is around 30-40 CR approximately. Padman movie screen counts are 3350 worldwide in which 2750 screens are of India. Get Padman DAY 29 income report. Here we have Daywise Padman box office collection data from the following.

Padman 1st Day Collection Opening Day (Friday): 10.62 Cr

Padman 2nd Day collection (Saturday): 13.68 Cr

Padman 3rd day collection (Sunday): 16.11 Cr

Padman 4th day collection (Monday): 5.87 Cr

Padman 5th day collection (Tuesday): 6.12 Cr

Padman 6th day collection (Wednesday): 7.05 Cr

Padman 7th day collection (Thursday): 4.10 Cr

Padman 8th day collection (2nd Friday): 3.78 Cr

Padman 9th day collection (2nd Saturday): 3.15 Cr

Padman 10th day collection (2nd Sunday): 3.78 Cr

Padman 11th day collection (2nd Monday): 1.50 Cr

Padman 12th day collection (2nd Tuesday): 1.25 Cr

Padman 13th day collection (2nd Wednesday): 1 Cr

Padman 14th day collection (2nd Thursday): 1 Cr

Padman 15th day collection (3rd Friday): 50 L

Padman 16th day collection (3rd Saturday): 80 L

Padman 17th day collection (3rd Sunday): 1 Cr

Padman 18th day collection (3rd Monday): 80 L

Padman 19th day collection (3rd Tuesday): 70 L

Padman 20th day collection (3rd Wednesday): 60 L

Padman total 29 days Box office collection (Fourth Week): 87 Cr Expected

Total Padman Twenty-Eighth Day 4th Thursday Overseas Gross Income

A social awareness from a superstar like Akshay is a brilliant initiative. Some really good performance from supporting cast. The movie is breaking social issue which is most important to talk about. The movie has many bright sides to see the film. The overall supporting cast has done wonderful work in the movie. The movie also releases on 600 screens in overseas. That is expected that Padman worldwide collection surely gets good income. Check Padman overseas Box office collection from here.

Total Padman DAY 29 5th Friday Worldwide Box office collection: 120 Cr Expected

PadMan Box Office Collection 1st Day Total Opening Friday 2nd Day Worldwide Earning

Padman Movie Reviews, Ratings, Audience Response and Hit or Flop

Padman Movie Review: Padman movie is very realistic, inspiring, engaging and deeply moving. Akshay is making brave choices as an actor and that’s remarkable. He drives the movie with an impeccable act. PadMan will stand out in his filmography. Sonam is charming in the movie and Radhika Apte excels with her skill in the acting. PadMan mesmerizes you with the story and storytelling, both. This well-intentioned film enlightens, educates as well as entertains. R Balki the director of the movie, take a bow. This is amongst Akshay’s best works in recent years.

PADMAN heartfully beautiful film you will be proud of watching it. We salute Akshay Kumar for showing guts, breaking taboo, and making a film on a subject which we dont talk in front of our friends also! PADMAN deals with Emotions, Courage and Madness. Best movie made on social cause. Whole theatre was giving standing ovation and applause.

Padman Movie Rating: 4/5 Stars.

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Padman is wonderful and social issue based movie. We hope that Padman will surely get success to reach their social message to all over the world. PadMan Box office collection will get the proof of the success of Padman movie. For more entertaining movie and latest box office collection updates please stay tuned with us.


  1. This is a brilliantly made realistic, but beautiful film, about a man who took up a challenge to make a change in society…. starting with his loved wife, but which has far reaching effects on the whole society, country and the world as a well…hats off to R.Balki for making the simple story of a common man so interesting for the audience…hats off to Twinkle Khanna for taking the initiative to create the film ….and hats off to Superstar Akshay Kumar to shed his aura of superstardom and for slipping into the skin of the character, and bringing the essence of the story out so well that mesmerises the audiences…