Total Mungaru Male 2 box office collection day wise overseas domestic earning

Shashank was the Director of the movie, his potential was already proved in his previous movies, so what Shashank try to do here is, he was taken the title Mungaru Male, and already so many gossips ran on MM-2, so he should be very careful about everything, so he tried his level best to make the things better. Check Mungaru Male 2 box office collection from here.

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Mungaru Male 2 box office collection

So, what he does was, if the title is MM-2 again, he can’t take each and everything of MM-1 and it’s also not good to make everything new, so he takes few highlights of MM-1 and leave the remaining things as per the present generation and present mindsets, He kept same names and he kept some highlighted situations of MM-1, so that the viewers can feels still it has scent of MM-1, if no situation has a replica of MM-1, then it’s foolish thing to keep the same name for the movie,

As they highlighted in the start of the movie, the time has changed, the people mindsets are changed, the way of loving and analysing the situations was changed, he tried to present the movie to give a scope and justification to those two lines,

Mungaru Male 2 domestic collection day wise

10 years and the sequel hits the screen. The director brings a youthful fun filled entertainer adapting the story to the present generation just like an old wine in a new colourful bottle. Movie is refreshing and neat with the background score and music scoring the most. If looked in isolation the movie will surely keep your entertained but if associated with the expectations of its original, the opinions may vary.

1. Engaging Screenplay
2. Wonderful Music
3. Cinematography

1. Second Half being clone of its original
2. Stereotypes & Clichés
3. Graphics Mismatch

More focus on scripting and avoiding a few stereotypes would have helped the director creating the same magic. Nevertheless, the movie is a fast paced entertainer & a Paisa vasool.
Ratings: 3.5 Stars on 5