MS Dhoni The Untold Story 2nd day box office collection First Saturday worldwide Earning

As per a Tagline, Movie is about a Man We all know, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the most successful Indian captain. But Story states about a Journey we don’t know that how he achieve this Feat. Movie Begins and Ends with a Most familiar scene we all know. World Cup final at Wankhede stadium Mumbai. This Movie shows about lots of unsung heroes in Dhoni’s successful Life. From his parents, Loyal friends ,Coach , and all his Encouragers. Get the latest MS Dhoni The Untold Story 2nd day box office collection report. We also share the MS Dhoni movie domestic and worldwide gross income and kamai.

MS Dhoni The Untold Story 2nd day collection

Plus Points:

Sushant Singh Rajput: He just lives as Dhoni. As the movie progresses,we are deeply convinced that we are seeing Real Dhoni on screen. The way he talks, walks,holding bad and Stroking shots are Exactly imitated as Dhoni. This is a Role of him for ages. He outclassed it by his brilliant performance. The way he showed his frustrations and Emotions dragged us to feel how much Dhoni had come across. Other casts:

Other casts: A major plus for a movie is All casts are designed perfectly. whether it’s known faces like Yuvraj Singh, Dalmia & A.k.Ganguly’s characters or Unknown faces like Dhoni’s Parents, His school coach, and his friends, everyone justified their role very well. Disha as Priyanka Jha & Kaira as Sakshi also doing very well in their limited scenes. Get MS Dhoni The untold story 2nd day earning.

MS Dhoni The Untold Story 2nd day collection: 25 Cr expected

Neeraj Pandey: Even though Movie drags more than 3 hours,it doesn’t seem long..He pulls everyone from beginning to end by his screenplay.

Many Goosebumps scenes: Movie has many Goosebumps scenes which make us Exciting.Yuvraj- Dhoni’s first interactions, Dada’s voice which selecting Dhoni ahead of Dinesh Karthik and Most importantly After that final six from MSD on World cup final. Just like His parents & friends who had tear after that six on screen, we also have tears on theater while seeing it.

MS Dhoni The Untold Story 2 days total box office overseas income

MS Dhoni movie has already got the second highest opening at the box office after Sultan movie and beat the SRk movie FAN record of 2016. MS Dhoni movie 1st day box office collection is 21.60 Cr massive.

SO the expected MS Dhoni 2 days box office collection is 45 Cr approx.

Negative points:

#CG in few Scenes where Sushant’s face fixed on Dhoni’s body in Real match scenes. one or two places, it doesn’t coexist.

#If someone expects a movie could explain about few controversies like Seniors Exclusion, Cricket politics & IPL issues could Disappoint a little.

#It miss a plot of how Dhoni selected as Indian captain at 2007 T20 world cup & doesn’t show any scene about his captainship specialty. Of course, we already know about it very well.

Apart from very few Negatives,it has tons of positives to watch. Most of all, more biopics are Needed to inspire youngsters & This movie did a lot with a story of a man who already inspired millions.

CONCLUSION: If you are a Movie lover and Cricket fan, you must not miss this one. A Must watch Inspiring movie after a long time.