Mom Box Office Collection Total Income Day Wise Earning Report


Mom Box Office Collection Total Income Worldwide Earning Report: – Mom is an upcoming Bollywood thriller movie which revolves around Sridevi and her search for the truth related to her missing daughter. The trailer of the movie seems promising and already gaining much popularity due to its star cast and other people attached to it. Mom is going to release worldwide on 7th July 2017, and you all can enjoy with your loved ones as it’s a family movie. So here we are going to provide you with all the details regarding Mom Total Box Office Collection Worldwide Income Report and much more.

[Week 3] Fri 44 lakhs, Sat 84 lakhs, Sun 96 lakhs, Mon 26 lakhs, Tue 28 lakhs, Wed 28 lakhs, Thu 27 lakhs. Total: ₹ 36.34 cr. India biz

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Mom Box Office Collection
Mom Box Office Collection

Mom Box Office Collection

Mom casts Sridevi, Adnan Siddiqui, Sajal Ali, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Akshaye Khanna. Mom is directed by Ravi Udyawar and produced by Boney Kapoor, Sunil Manchanda, Naresh Agarwal, Mukesh Talreja, Gautam Jain under the banner of MAD Films, Third Eye Pictures and distributed by Zee Studio and Sridevi Productions. Check Total Mom day wise collection.

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Mom 1st Day Box Office Collection (Friday): 2.90 Crores

Mom 2nd Day Box Office Collection (Saturday): 5.08 Crores

Mom 3rd Day Box Office Collection (Sunday): 6.42 Crores

Mom 4th Day Box Office Collection (Monday): 2.52 Crores

Mom 5th Day Box Office Collection (Tuesday): 2.74 Crores

Mom 6th Day Box Office Collection (Wednesday): 2.23 Crores

Mom 7th Day Box Office Collection (Thursday): 1.91 Crores

Mom 8th Day Box Office Collection (Friday): 1.06 Crores

Mom 9th Day Box Office Collection (Saturday): 2.21 Crores

Mom 10th Day Box Office Collection (Sunday): 2.74 Crores

Mom 11th Day Box Office Collection (Monday): 2 Crores

Mom 12th Day Box Office Collection (Tuesday): 2 Crores

Mom Total Box Office Collection Opening Weekend: 33.81 Crores

Total Mom day wise colletction

Mom is an upcoming Bollywood thriller movie. The trailer seems very promising and created a good suspense. Though it’s not sure yet what’s the crime and where’s the daughter of Sridevi gone, one thing is sure that Nawazuddin Siddique is helping Sridevi find the truth, whereas, Akshay Khanna is playing the role of a cop who predicts Sridevi as the culprit.


Day 1 (Fri)  – 2.90 Cr.

Day 2 (Sat)  – 5.08 Cr.

Day 3 (Sun)  – 6.42 Cr.

Day 4 (Mon)  – 2.52 Cr.

Day 5 (Tue)  – 2.74 Cr.

Day 6 (Wed)  – 2.23 Cr.

Day 7 (Thu)  – 1.91 Cr.

Day 8 (Fri) – 1.06 Cr.

Day 9 (Sat) – 2.21 Cr.

Day 10 (Sun) – 2.74 Cr.

Day 11 (Mon) – 0.76 Cr.

Day 12 (Tue) – 0.81 Cr.

Day 13 (Wed) – 0.84 Cr.

Day 14 (Thu) – 0.81 Cr.

Day 15 (Fri) – 0.44 Cr.

Day 16 (Sat) – 0.84 Cr.

Day 17 (Sun) – 0.96 Cr.

TOTAL (NETT) – 35.27 Cr.



India – 48.99 Cr. – (As of 23-Jul-17)

North America (USA and Canada) –  3.73 Cr. – (As of 23-Jul-17)

United Arab Emirates / G.C.C. –  3.45 Cr. – (As of 16-Jul-17)

United Kingdom – 1.58 Cr. – (As of 23-Jul-17)

Australia –  0.42 Cr. – (As of 23-Jul-17)

New Zealand –  0.14 Cr. – (As of 23-Jul-17)

Malaysia –  0.01 Cr. – (As of 16-Jul-17)

Rest of the World –  3.6 Cr. – (As of 16-Jul-17)


NOTE – * denotes trends / figures still being compiled
India figures are NETT. Overseas figures are GROSS.

From the very first trailer, we got to know that there’s a very happy family and they enjoy every moment of life together and Sridevi loves her daughter. But from the second trailer, there’s a sudden change, it’s like her daughter doesn’t like her mother at all, she is full of anger and disgust. Then some crime happens related to the daughter (after a huge fight between mother and daughter), so everybody suspects the mother only to be the culprit.

Mom movie 4th Week earning report

The Best dialogue of this movie is when Nawazuddin Said that God can’t be everywhere, that’s why he created Mother, It was so touching. I think this movie is based on the search of truth, like what happened to the daughter and at the end, Sridevi is gonna punish the culprits very well and take her revenge on the people who hurt her daughter. Mom Box Office Collection is going very well.

Sridevi and Nawazuddin play their respective characters very well and makes the audience relive the whole story. I would like to rate this suspense thriller flick a 3/5 for its great direction and amazing storyline. Hope this one makes and breaks some new records and old ones respectively.