Malayalam Masterpiece Movie Review, Ratings & Audience Response, Hit or Flop

Malayalam Masterpiece Movie Review, Ratings & Audience Response, Hit or Flop: “Masterpiece”, a word that had its share of controversy within the film industry until a week back. But the Masterpiece which I am going to discuss here has no connection whatsoever with the controversy that erupted connected with a film and a director. Ajai Vasudev who had earlier directed Raajadhi Raja with Mammootty teams up with the same actor once again with his second directorial venture titled “Masterpiece” with the tagline Master of the Masses. And the film justifies that tagline as it is a mass film that happens on a college campus. Get here┬áMasterpiece movie review in the following article.

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Masterpiece Movie Review

Masterpiece movie review: If we approach the movie as a mass action entertainer leaving aside logic and predictability to the backseat, we can enjoy this action-packed movie even if the film has a target audience in mind. The story, the format and the whole template and packaging of Masterpiece is such that we don’t get anything new to watch on screen. But the way in which the execution of this movie doesn’t leave you disappointed even though we smell an outdated approach to storytelling.

Travancore Maharaja College is the center of attraction in this story scripted by Udayakrishna. The college has two warring factions named Royal Warriors and Real Fighters. The plot takes its shape on the outskirts of this college and the rivalry between these two gangs in the college. Edward Livingston is an English professor in this college. What is his role in the film and what are his intentions, well for knowing the answer, you will have to watch the movie yourself.

Masterpiece Movie Story Review

Masterpiece movie review of story: Ajai Vasudev, we all know what genre he adopted for his debut movie and we also know what to expect from a movie that has a screenplay written by Udayakrishna. So when these two people join, we are expecting some sort of fireworks to happen. Well, that is what we actually witness in Masterpiece. We have loads of action, campus fun and fights, few songs and a larger than life hero who can beat anyone no matter how many are there on the opposite side. We have all these factors in a predictable format but what makes the difference is the packaging which is outdated but good enough to put the film in a safe zone. The director and his writer have made sure that they don’t disappoint the hardcore fans of Mammootty by incorporating some mass scenes that will give them a chance to whistle and cheer for their favorite actor.

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Malayalam Masterpiece Movie Review, Ratings & Audience Response, Hit or Flop

At the same time, the film has tried to be passable for the neutral audience as well. To an extent they have succeeded in appeasing the neutral audience also which I could sense from the theatre response and from my own personal experience of watching the film. But how many neutral viewers is satisfied is something that will be answered in the coming days.

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Masterpiece Movie star Cast Performance

Get Masterpiece movie review about stars. Mammootty who is indirectly part of a controversy in the recent times based on a comment by an actress says “I respect women” to some of the female characters and this is repeated many times. This dialogue as a one-liner seems to be a reply by the actor to all the controversy but not sure how this dialogue found a place in the film when we look at the timing of the shooting and eruption of the issue. Anyway, lets leave that and discuss how the actor has performed.

In the film, Mammootty looks dashing and young with flawless screen presence. But as an actor, there is nothing challenging and this professor’s character with mass elements in it is a cakewalk for him which he has performed to the expectations. Among the female actors, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and Poonam Bajwa are the prominent ones and they don’t have anything major to perform.

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Among the supporting actors, we have Mukesh, Unni Mukundan, Shajon, Maqbool Salman, Gokul Suresh and Pashaanam Shaji and these are the actors who occupy a lion’s share of screen space. I was confused as to how Santhosh Pandit was going to fit in this film when the casting of Pandit was announced. I was curious to know whether the director would adopt Pandit’s trademark performing style or whether he would ask the actor to go with the natural way. Here what we see in Shankarankutty, the character played by Santhosh Pandit seems to a mix of both but I should say one thing. The actor didn’t make that role bad and he didn’t irritate the viewer in me. Captain Raju was cast as himself echoing some sentiments and hard reality he is facing in the industry. But to be honest it was hard to digest that role which was totally unnecessary and unsuitable for this movie.

Malayalam Masterpiece Movie Review, Ratings & Audience Response, Hit or Flop

Masterpiece Movie Hit or Flop verdict

Here is the Masterpiece movie review of technical work. Camera work and editing were okay while the background score was on the heavier side which was acceptable considering the backdrop and the story. Action sequences were choreographed and pictured quite well and I must say the action scenes had that punch in it and it was shot nicely keeping in mind Mammootty’s limitations when it comes to performing in stunt sequences. Music wasn’t that remarkable but is not a grave mistake since this film isn’t a music-oriented one and belong to another genre.

Masterpiece movie review: So overall I would say, Masterpiece is yet another cliched mass film that falls under the old wine old bottle theory but the packaging is smart enough to make the end product a passable and watchable one. The film is definitely a bit outdated and suitable for a target audience but if you don’t dig too much into the depth of the content and question the logical side, I think you will give the PassMark after watching this action-packed campus movie.