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Cinematographer turned director/producer Atul Jagdale is raising an important child-related issue in his first directorial debut “Ganvesh“. Ganvesh is an upcoming Marathi flick which will hit the theaters on 24th June 2016. Ganvesh is a story of a poor child whose parents work at the brick factory as mere laborers and can barely afford food. But they are very keen to educate their one and only child and therefore they send him to school. The poor child can hardly go to school and is not able to wear a proper and neat uniform. A day comes when the child has to give a speech at the school in front of some dignitaries but the teachers tell him to wear proper and full uniform. As the child asks his poor parents to buy him a new dress, both the parents decide to do it for their son. The struggle of the poor but determined parents is depicted in the movie Ganvesh. We are sharing Ganvesh box office collection.

Ganvesh box office collection | Opening day earning & income

As per the director/producer Atul Jagdale he wanted to be a producer since a long time but was waiting for a good script and as soon as he got the script he started working on it. Atul also adds that he agreed to direct the film because the financier of the movie insisted him to do so. First day collection of Ganvesh movie may dominate the Marathi box office.

Ganvesh 1st day collection: 3 Cr

Ganvesh 2nd day earning:

Ganvesh 3rd day income:

Ganvesh first weekend collection:

Ganvesh 1st week total income:



Marathi Ganvesh movie review, rating & audience response

The poster of the movie is itself giving a very strong message where a child is shown carrying a bag and his face is covered with the Ashok Chakra with the Indian Flag in the backdrop. The message is very clear, even after 60 plus years of independence we are not able to impart education to each and every child. Even if the education is free, the books, uniform, and other expenses compel poor parents to withdraw their wards from school and make them work so that they may add to the family income!!

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