Magnificent Seven Box office collection movie review, rating & response by audience

You have to love Terry Gross, host and co-executive producer of Fresh Air for over 40-years. Today, she was interviewing film director Antoine Fuqua (reboot The Magnificent Seven).
“Not to ask an indelicate question,” She said. “But with the hundreds of horses on the set and the stuntmen constantly falling off those horses you must have a huge manure problem. How do you deal with all that manure?” Ha ha. Good thing Terry wasn;t interviewing Trump about today’s media. Check Magnificent Seven box office collection report from below.

Magnificent Seven box office collection

Peter Travers has been a film critic at Rolling Stone Magazine for 27-years, one of the better film critics he knows what he’s talking about. When Travers says the reboot Magnificent Seven is two hours of hardcore, shoot-em-up pow and it’s entertaining as hell.- you can believe him. Just seeing Denzel as the man in black- worth price of admission. Since when have movies been expected to be technically perfect, politically correct, but just no damn fun. Here we are sharing Magnificent Seven box office collection prediction. We will update the table after getting the exact report. 

Magnificent Seven 1st day collection: 15 Cr

Magnificent Seven 2nd day collection: 16 cr

Magnificent Seven 3rd day box office: 18 Cr

Magnificent Seven worldwide gross earning: 56 Cr

Magnificent Seven 1st weekend net income:  40 Cr

Total Magnificent Seven box office collection: 60 Cr

Magnificent Seven movie review, rating & response

Magnificent Seven review: There is no comparison to the 1960 version. However, if you go into this movie without trying to compare it to the original then it is a fun, wild western adventure. (Heck, that was 56 years ago, so many will not remember or have never seen the original anyway) The pacing is a little slow early on setting up the characters, but then again so was the original. Once they got the setup out of the way, then it was shooting, explosions and more shooting. There were even some old school horse stunts which were surprising considering all of the animal activists who don’t like to see that kind of stuff. It was good to see a ton of stunt guys getting some work. (It looked like fun!)

For the nonoriginal M7 people, this is your typical bad guy takes over town to mine Gold in return for nothing and the town hires an army to fight them. An army of 7. There is some back and forth between the good guys and bad guys and then the final confrontation which is non-stop action. While I like Denzel Washington, I have to say Chris Pratt stole the show. He had the best lines and character in the movie.

Magnificent Seven review response by audience

I enjoyed watching a western again. It has the feel of Silverado (1985) (another western I enjoyed) and should be seen on a large screen to feel the whole experience. Chris Pratt reminded me of the Kevin Costner character in Silverado. The music score by James Horner plays well and they pay tribute late in the movie with the iconic Elmer Bernstein M7 theme in the final credits. It would not be The Magnificent Seven without it. There are no end credit scenes to wait for, but as I always say, stick around for the credits anyway to see all of the talented people who worked on this film. It is actually one of the shorter end credits I have seen in a long time.