Madaari 5th day collection tuesday (fifth) total box office earning & Income

A right man who has been accidentally wronged decides to set things right the wrong way. Today is Madaari 5th day collection and Madaari is now getting speed at the box office.
Irrfan Khan plays Nirmal Kumar, plays a single parent who loses his son in an accident, which he feels had been caused by the callousness and indifference of babus at the helm of affairs. He is so taken aback by the turn of events that he decides to do something to highlight the corrupt system. So he does the impossible. He kidnaps the son of the home minister and in exchange demands that the authorities search for his son in return of the minister’s son. What follows is a cat and mouse game as the authorities are hell bent on chasing him down and Nirmal Kumar being the common man with no identity is virtually untraceable. Madaari box office collection is effected from Kabali box office collection.

Madaari 5th day collection report

When you have a brilliant star cast and a story which is well intentioned you feel the movie will have much to offer but you feel let down as it’s a very average movie. The movie could have been a milestone like “A Wednesday” but it gets lost in patriotic jingoism and is weighed down by the weight of its star performer Irrfan Khan. Unlike “A Wednesday” the movie somehow tends to focus on its lead star and resultantly looses grip on the plot. The climax is melodramatic and idealistic, The situations depicted are not practically possible. Also, the film lacks in pace and is quite slow. If only the film had been fast paced, slick and gripping, it would have been a different story altogether. Check the Madaari fifth day earning.

Madaari 5th day collection: 3.21 Cr Expected

Total Madaari Box office collection overseas kamai

The only saving grace of the film is the brilliant acting by Irrfan Khan. He delivers a stupendous performance and is outstanding. He is one of the most underrated and highly versatile actors who has essayed many varied roles. Every character that he has portrayed is completely different and he plays them with elan – Maqbool, Life in a Metro, Billu, Paan Singh Tomar, The Lunchbox, Haider, Piku. Jimmy Shergill as the CID officer in charge is completely wasted. Another case of a wonderful actor being underutilized. Vishesh Bansal as the minister’s son Rohan is endearing. No one else is worth mentioning here. Madaari 5 days total collection here.

Madaari total box office collection till now: 12 Cr expected

It’s an average film which is a one time watch. Don’t expect the moon and you won’t be disappointed.