Madaari 4th day collection |Total Madaari box office income & Earning of 4 days

Madaari is a thought-provoking film, and it does evoke strong emotions. Irrfan is brilliant as a distraught father who dares to fight the system. Today is Madaari 4th day collection, On one side, the film hits the bullseye by exposing the powerful, on the other hand, it also conveys an underlying fact that we are responsible for the mess we are in. Madaari prompts us to enhance our power of discretion and is the change agent. We are expecting that Madaari box office collection can get the best income at the box office. Madaari First Monday collection at the box office will quite well from previous days.

Madaari 4th day collection report

Until its last fifteen minutes, Nishikant Kamat’s Madaari appeared slow, stretched (at least by 20 minutes) and quite purposeless to me. After all, we have seen countless vigilante dramas such as this in past. Amitabh Bachchan gunned down an entire corrupt parliament in ‘Inquilaab’ (1984). Aamir Khan and his college gang assassinated a villainous politician in ‘Rang De Basanti’ (2006) and Naseeruddin Shah brought the system to its knees in ‘A Wednesday’ (2008). So what’s different and new in a common man (Irrfan) seeking justice for his son who fell victim to corruption – a metro pool collapse mirroring a 2012 real life incident in Andheri, Mumbai? Madaari box office collection effected from the Kabali box office collection.

Madaari 4th day collection: 2.50 Cr

Madaari 4 days total income | Fourth day Kamai

Two things important in the movie:-¬†One – Irrfan’s splendid performance as the common man; an ideal voter as he claims, who invariably, bears the brunt of all the wrong doings of the system rotten to the core. He kidnaps the Home Minister’s kiddo (Vishesh Bansal, endearing) and demands an investigation of his own son’s loss instead of a ransom. A competent officer (Jimmy Sheirgill, earnest) is assigned the job to nab him. Nailing a common man from a crowd of 1.2 billion Indians ain’t an easy task and the film trudges along non-linearly to expose the deep-rooted corruption plaguing our country. So check the Madaari total collection of four days from here.

Madaari 1st day collection: 2.25 Cr

Madaari 2nd day collection: 3.50 Cr

Madaari 3rd day collection: 5 Cr

Madaari 1st week total income: 10 Cr Net

Madaari 4 days box office earning: 13 Approx

Total Madaari box office collection | 1st week earning & Income

Two and more importantly – The final revelation (and I ain’t playing spoiler here) where a prominent politician declares “Sarkaar corrupt Nahi hai, corruption he live hi Sarkar hai”. In those penultimate moments, Kamat effectively exposes the political muck which is far graver than we thought. And yes, it warrants a watch, just for that! Madaari movie earning dominating box office, but due to Kabali movie craze, it has many hurdles for Irrfan khan movie.

Ratings on some of the key aspects :
1. Acting: 4/5
2. Direction : 3/5
3. Music : 2/5
4. Story, Screenplay and Dialogue : 3.5/5
5. Cinematography : 2.5/5
6. Production Quality : 2.5/5

We hope that Madaari 5th day collection will get speed at the box office. Please stay tuned with us for more and latest Entertainment News or Gossips.