Justice League Box Office Collection 11th Day 12th Day Total Worldwide Earning

Justice League Box Office Collection 11th Day 12th Day Total Worldwide Earning: I have been waiting for this movie all year. Imagine my excitement being a big DC Comics fan that a Justice League movie is actually coming out soon. I feel like they should’ve released this film after the solo movies were released, that way we’ll be able to see this film in a completely different light; which reminds me, this film needs more light, it’s depressingly dark. And the villain, Steppenwolf, is your average baddie: ugly and wants to wreak havoc for no reason at all. He’s not interesting at all. Thor: Ragnarok’s Hela is one-dimensional too but at least we know why she wants to destroy the world. At this point, I’m really hoping that DC makes some major changes for improvements on their upcoming projects otherwise they’ll be at an all-time-low on critical reviews. Get the Justice League Box office collection. Also get Justice League Eleventh Day and Twelfth Day earning business report. Get Justice League reviews, ratings, and audience response.

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Justice League Box Office Collection 2nd Day 3rd Day Total Worldwide Earning

Justice League Box Office Collection

Justice League is an amazing Hollywood sci-fiction action movie. Justice League budget is $300 Million and the screen counts of the movie are 600+ in India and 3000+ worldwide. Here we are sharing Justice League Day wise India box office collection.

Justice League 1st day collection (Friday): 5.50 Cr

Justice League 2nd day collection (Saturday): 5.80 Cr

Justice League 3rd day collection (Sunday): 6 Cr

Justice League 4th day collection (Monday): 2 Cr

Justice League 5th day collection (Tuesday): 1.20 Cr

Justice League 6th day collection (Wednesday): 1.10 Cr

Justice League 7th day collection (Thursday): 1.06 Cr

Justice League 8th day collection (2nd Friday): 1.25 Cr

Justice League 9th day collection (2nd Saturday): 1.45 Cr

Justice League 10th day collection (2nd Sunday): 1.40 Cr

Justice League 11th day collection (2nd Monday): 1.10 Cr

Justice League 12th day collection (2nd Tuesday): 1.04 Cr

Justice League total 11 days WW box office collection (Second week): 24 Cr Expected

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Justice League 2nd Monday Eleventh Day Overseas Gross Earning

All the main characters are awesome. “Aquaman” is badass, really enjoyed him, and his hair is fucking lit. “Flash” to me is a dumb character, but I found myself really enjoying him as the movie went on, they cast him perfectly IMO. I have never liked the concept of Superman so there is that. The only complaint is the villains are too corny, make them purer evil as opposed to the traditional BOW BEFORE ME style bad guys. Not sure how some people rated the movie super low, granted I m not a huge superhero buff, but the movie is full of badass. Also, wonder woman is an Aqua man is sexy. Get Justice League Box office collection worldwide is here.

Total Justice League 11 Days WW collection Income: $481.3 Million

Justice League Movie reviews, ratings & audience response

It was one of the Most Awaited flicks for me during a pre-release period but later Critics reviews declared it an Average to Below Average film and I lost all that year built excitement in minutes. Let me say it straight, I’m not reviewing a Great film, I’m talking about the Average film so if you see any soft corner about any field then that means Average one not even Good.

Justice League starts very slowly, looks like a boring flick for first 35-40 minutes and then picks up smartly. Later it continues the flow but after every explosive and entertaining scene, there’re 1 or 2 minutes loo breaks followed. Don’t know why it happens, why the film gets slow for few moments when the screenplay was in top form? Then enough explosion at the end and later one surprising factor after end credits saves this Average flick to look an Above Average stuff. We’ve seen Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman in the prequel and I’m glad to welcome 3 new guys in the team, Aquaman is Good, Flash is too good, Cyborg is decent. Some musical scenes feel irritating.

Justice League Box Office Collection 2nd Day 3rd Day Total Worldwide Earning

Runtime is shorter than 2 hours and thanks to the editor for that but how could he trim that Superman’s re-entry scene from Trailer (Alfred says, Let’s Hope you’re not too late) ? Superman’s Returning is slightly curved towards emotional bonding but it doesn’t work at all. The villain is powerful but a fairytale and retro look doesn’t impress much.

Visual Effects are Brilliant, could have been better for 3D viewing. The direction is messy, Snyder needs to improve or needs to be removed from DCEU. We’re waiting for One Good film from him and we’re still waiting. Thanks to Jenkins for that one good film Wonder Woman otherwise Snyder has almost finished DCEU. Why he always go for a Dark film, why can’t he just go for some fun and light moments like Marvel?

Overall, Justice League is an Above Average film, obviously not that bad as critics said. Chuck the critics and go for it, those who liked BvS will surely like this and those who did not like BvS will also find it an Average One Time Watch. Enough Explosion and action in middle and at the End makes this one to worth your ticket Purchase. Talking about Box Office this one should do decent business in the range of previous 2 DCEU films or might even struggle to reach there while $1 Billion club is out of reach. I’m going with 6/10* and hoping for better a sequel which will have a League of Villains. Hope That Justice League Box office collection will get amazing earning worldwide.