Jumanji Box Office Collection 16th Day Total 17 Days Worldwide 17th Day Earning

Jumanji Box Office Collection 16th Day 17th Day Total 17 Days Worldwide third Saturday Earning: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is the Hollywood action-comedy adventure film. This is an American movie which is directed by Jake Kasdan and produced by Matt Tolmach-William Teitler. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is the second installment of the Jumanji franchise. It is the sequel of Jumanji (1995). The movie has releases on 20 Dec 2017 in the USA and released on 29 Dec 2017 in India. Loved Jumanji superb adventure movie and unlimited fun guaranteed. In the movie loved the way rock let others score and even he underplayed in some scenes, and let others to made of fun of him. Get Jumanji box office collection analytics report. Check Jumanji welcome to the jungle sixteenth day and seventeenth day worldwide earning report. Here we have Jumanji 2017 movie review, ratings, and public response.

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Jumanji Box Office Collection 2nd Day Total 2 Days Worldwide 1st Day Earning

Jumanji Box Office Collection

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is the superb movie with a comedy mixture. The movie has started bumper opening at the box office. The reports say that movie is running successfully in the worldwide. Jumanji was one of the best examples of solid storytelling this year. Yes, even better than Star Wars VIII as far as story “tightness” is concerned. Worth every penny. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is an 8 out of 10. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a fun thrill ride of a safe family film that is hurt by it long run time. Get Jumanji DAY 17  overseas box office collection. Check Jumanji daywise collection business report from following data.

Jumanji 1st day collection (Friday): 4.11 Cr

Jumanji 2nd day collection (Saturday): 5.23 Cr

Jumanji 3rd day collection (Sunday): 6.50 Cr

Jumanji 4th day collection (Monday): 6 Cr

Jumanji 5th day collection (Tuesday): 5.70 Cr

Jumanji 6th day collection (Wednesday): 5.20 Cr

Jumanji 7th day collection (Thursday): 4.90 Cr

Jumanji 8th day collection (2nd Friday): 3.71 Cr

Jumanji 9th day collection (2nd Saturday): 2.12 Cr

Jumanji 10th day collection (2nd Sunday): 2 Cr

Jumanji 11th day collection (2nd Monday): 1.25 Cr

Jumanji 12th day collection (2nd Tuesday): 1.10 Cr

Jumanji 13th day collection (2nd Wednesday): 90 L

Jumanji 14th day collection (2nd Thursday): 81 L

Jumanji 15th day collection (3rd Friday): 73 L

Jumanji 16th day collection (3rd Saturday): 63 L

Jumanji 17th day collection (3rd Sunday): 53 L

Jumanji Total 10 days India box office collection (Second Week): 42 Cr Expected

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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Sixteenth Day Saturday Overseas Income

Those of us who grew up with Jumanji being a classic film may well be considering taking the kids to see the newly released version. Great comedy a lot of laughs as always the Rock is great funny and Kevin Hart also great and he never swore shows you don’t need to use the f-word etc to have a funny movie, And Jack Black I thought he did a good job showing how a women turned into a man may find things about man parts funny.
Just thought that it dragged out a bit too much near the last 15 min or so and humor died out near the end but worth seeing will see again. Jumanji movie has $90 Million budget and the total screens count of Jumanji movie are 4000+. Check Jumanji box office collection worldwide.

Total Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle worldwide collection: $533.4 Million

As a fan of the original film, I was tempted not to see this film because I hate remakes, but this film is practically nothing like the original. The original is a classic and for me will always be the best, but this film turned out to be very adventurous and funny. Four high school students end up in detention and find a video game called “Jumanji”. They get sucked into the game and turn into the characters of the game. Jack Black and Kevin Hart, in particular, give hilarious performances. A laugh out the loud movie with similarities to the original and a lot of predictable moments. Jumanji box office collection is surely a big hit at the end of 2017 year.

It’s hard to top anything with Robin Williams. In comedy, comedians often play the same person. In JUMANJI, Kevin Hart plays the same guy he always does. However, in the new Jumanji, he was pretty damn funny. It had it all Action, plot, stunts, comedy. This Jumanji was AWESOME. The 1st Jumanji is hard to top but this one if it is not better than the 1st its at least tied. Hope you guys get Jumanji box office collection. For more latest Jumanji 2017 earning report, stay connected with us.