Top 10 Highest Opening Weekend Movies Box office collection 2016

The year 2016 is yet far from coming to an end but has already witnessed top 10 highest opening weekend movies. Despite many flops and failures, there are still many more super hit movies of the year 2016. We have enlisted 10 such movies based on their box office collection report all over the world. Where some of the movies are clearly known, some might give you a shock!!! Here we begin with the list:-

Highest Opening Weekend 2016 Movies Collection

  1. SULTAN180.36 Cr (5 days)                                                                                      The whole nation was thrilled with this heart-touching story of an Indian wrestler who started from scratch and ruled the sport with his talent. This movie of Salman Khan came amidst the negative environment due to his raped woman comment.
  2. RUSTOM –  68.23 Cr (4 days)                                                                                      Another real life story of a Naval officer which shook the nation. Akshay Kumar not only successfully portrayed the role of a Naval Officer but also presented the true story with a great entertainment factor.
  3. HOUSEFULL 353.31 Cr                                                                                              The third installment of the series Housefull, turned out be a disappointment, though. But the buzz of the movie helped to pull the audience in the first three days resulting in a good opening business.
  4. FAN52.35 Cr                                                                                                               This ambitious project of king Khan re-established him as a great actor. Shah Rukh Khan risked a non-glamorous role which was different from his romantic lover boy image. Although the movie didn’t earn much as compared to other SRK movies but gave a critical acclamation to him all again!!!
  5. AIRLIFT44.30 Cr                                                                                                        Akshay Kumar special Airlift was yet another adaptation of a real life incident where Indians were stuck in the Arab country and were relying on the Indian government to come back home. Akshay beautifully depicted the struggle of a common man trying hard to come back to his home safely with the family.
  6. MOHENJODARO40.90 Cr (4 days)                                                                            This was probably most awaited movie of the year by class as well mass audience. People were expecting some great depiction of Indus Valley Civilization but felt more like cheated after watching. the good thing was that the buzz created for the movie helped in pulling the crowd to the cinema halls for first three days.
  7. BAAGHI38.58 Cr                                                                                                        Baaghi established Tiger Shroff as the next Young Angry Man of the Bollywood. He did justice to his action cum romantic role which was earlier portrayed by Salman Khan when he came to industry long time back.
  8. DISHOOM37.32 Cr                                                                                                     John Abraham and Varun Dhawan starrer Dishoom was a full package of action and entertainment. Their chemistry worked well for the box office and the movie made some real money.
  9. UDTA PUNJAB33.80 Cr                                                                                              Probably the most controversial movie of the year made it quite big despite the piracy and online leaked issues. The movie was not even allowed to release without 80 cuts by the censor board. The decision was however reversed by Mumbai High Court and the movie released with one cut only!!!
  10. A FLYING JATT29.45 Cr (4 days)                                                                            This movie turned out to be more of a funny version of Super man rather than an action flick. The movie is majorly liked by the kids. Tiger Shroff starrer Baaghi made much more money than A Flying Jatt.

We hope you get the latest Box office verdict on Highest Opening Weekend. We will update the link after the latest release of upcoming movies.