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What ensues is a series of chaotic and humorous moments, with the doltish Bagga(Jimmy Shergill),her fiancé, leaving no stones unturned to get her back. Much to the agony of his father (Kanwaljit Sigh)Happy loves the good-for-nothing,Guddu,(Ali Fazal) who is held captive by Bagga. In Happy Bhaag Jayegi movie Bilaal,who has no inclinations towards politics and touted by his father( Javed Shaikh) to be the next Jinnah of Pakistan, is initially baffled by the boisterous Happy and her antics but as cupid strikes, he gets determined to reunite Happy and Guddu. With the help of the bumbling cop, Afridi( Piyush Mishra) and his overtly suspicious and ball-busting fiancee,Zoya(Momal Sheikh),he manages to travel to Amritsar to get Guddu , hoodwinking Bagga.

Happy Bhaag Jayegi Box office collection

Happy Bhaag Jayegi movie review & collection

Sprinkled with generous humor and witty dialogues,Aziz’s narrative stays simple and evokes a feel-good charm, but never reaches a crescendo.It lacks pace and nosedives further post intermission.The problem here is with the screenplay which doesn’t tweak the twists and turns and resultantly, there is no hint of danger or uncertainty…even in scenarios where Happy gets kidnapped by Bagga’s henchmen. Aziz tries to hook us with a possibility of a love triangle but punctures it with a sweet analogy of Madhubala and her elusive beauty.There are certain positives here worthy of mention.The inoffensive treatment of Indo-Pak relations and feelings are healthily portrayed, a testament to Aziz’s hygienic intentions.

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However, the film gets benefited significantly by a dependable star cast. Abhay Deol is endearing, smoothly treading between his repressed emotions for the leading lady and good-will duty of uniting the lovebirds. Jimmy Shergil aces it ones again, proves his mettle at unintended comedy with resonation of his loser boy character from TWM. Ali Fazal is decent,portraying the restlessness of a lover. What is disappointing is that Diana’s character is single-note, devoid of any depth and it’s hard to accept her in the bouncy image, a large departure from the coy,reserved Meera in Cocktail. She looks ravishing but tries too hard to emote, her entire body swings into action while mouthing a dialogue meant to induce humor.Frankly, she doesn’t do justice for the hefty task of being the pivotal character, so the film relies on the men here.However,the supporting cast induces good chuckles as the comedy is genuinely situational. Piyush Mishra,with his impeccable Urdu diction and quizzical expressions,is absolutely delightful to watch. Check Happy Bhaag Jayegi 8th day collection.

Happy Bhaag Jayegi tries to go the Priyadarshan-way towards the finale but doesn’t actually qualify to be a laugh riot. Yet,it is a convenient,clean-chit family entertainer which makes you smile, steering itself clear from any potent controversial manipulations.