Fifty Shades Darker movie review rating & box office collection prediction

How many of you liked the novel Fifty Shades of Grey? And how many of you liked the movie (based on the novel) Fifty Shades of Grey? Well, we believe most of us liked it, that is why movie was able to make 600 million dollars!!! Though the movie failed after the huge opening but did survive up to the second weekend to make millions. The opening day of the movie was magnificent where people crowded to see the depiction of their favourite novel. After watching the movie. some criticised it and some said they would long for a sequel. Get Fifty Shades Darker movie details from here.

Fifty Shades Darker movie trailer review response

Recently the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey has been announced by the production house and is named as “Fifty Shades Darker”. We bet no name could have been better than this. The first official trailer of Fifty Shades Darker has already crossed 10 million views on the internet. Now that’s what called as “Breaking the Internet”. Christine Grey and Anastasia’s chemistry and erotic love reached another level in the second part of the movie.

Fifty Shades Darker box office collection prediction

Honestly speaking, this time, the trailer looks much more attractive. The second part may beat the record set by the first part of the movie. Fifty Shades Darker may easily make 800 million Dollar worldwide. Let’s wait for the Valentine’s Day 2017 to feel the erotic love of Grey and Anastasia.