FAN Movie Tweet Review: SRK ‘FAN’ Rating twitter Response of Audience

Yeaaaah, yessssss…Shahrukh Khan, the actor is back.‪#‎Fan‬ is gripping, dark, disturbing and hilarious downright in parts. It makes you doubt repeatedly if the person you’re seeing on screen is the superstar Aryan Khan or his greatest fan, Gaurav; who’s out to take revenge on the man who broke his heart- which in itself tells you how brilliant the movie is. It leaves you conflicted as to who you should root for- the deluded fan whose life is shattered after he meets the man he’s been idolizing since 25 years or the egotistical superstar who thinks he has done no wrong. I rooted for the Shahrukh Khan who doesn’t disappoint. And, he didn’t. Thank you, Maneesh Sharma. We are providing the FAN movie tweet review latest from the twitter.

FAN Movie Tweet Review: SRK 'FAN' Rating twitter Response of Audience

FAN Movie Tweet Review





SRK FAN movie audience response after first show

FAN Movie Twitter response of celebrities

Although the past amazing performances like Dilwale film and Happy New Year film had tried toning audience excitement for the FAN movie, we were a Jabra wala fan when we entered the theater. While this is surely SRK’s back-in-the-game performance on the FAN performance.

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Fan Movie Review

Shah Rukh Khan has given another amazing performance in this movie. The FAN film revolves entirely around the double characters and SRK just nails them like the best actor. In this movie Vishal–Shekhar’s music was awesome and also good score too. You won’t even get a chance to set yourselves correctly as the movie will make you stick to your seats for 150 mins.

Fan Movie Rating

We would be a rating of Fan movie , 4/5 stars from most of the reviewers. Kudos to the entire FAN team for their efforts and hard work. Please come back for Box Office collection updates.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Srk is the one of the greatest actor in the world there is no doubt. And the thing is that this movie”fan” is not for those people who just come to see heroin and sexy song. Bcz this movie is a life story of a fan that’s why those will not understand the theme of this movie. He said for lots of time that he didn’t do it for money. He did it for a real fan of anyone. Once again he proved that why he is called the king of acting by all people. I’m always with the best movie and same to fan. Please don’t judge a movie according to it’s income. Judge it in the quality. That’s will be real judgement. If u see this movie with a mind of a real fan than u can understand the movie.